Upcycle. Bathroom Stand to Book Display

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Sharing is Caring!

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to upcycle a discarded household item, adding new life.

My daughter won a bathroom caddy of soaps and body lotion at a school fundraiser. She loves all things bath related, the different shaped soaps and bath lotion aromas. She was thrilled when she won this caddy of supplies. It’s been sitting in her room, in the plastic wrap for months, not knowing what to do with the display.

Tired of moving it from place to place in her room, getting in the way of the renovation work, I told her she had to unpack it and get rid of the stand. We are constantly making drops to our local Value Village, donating items that use to fit in our home or on our bodies. I thought someone else could use this in their bathroom. 

While putting the soap away the shape of the caddy became visible and my daughter saw a gllimmer of new life. Simply rotating the caddy on its side turned it from a bathroom storage unit into a nice metal book stand for her new homework corner (the renovation we’re currently working on). Upcycled. Just like that.

Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes or a turn of the head to see things in a new light. We will continue to make drops at our local Value Village but before rushing to put an item in the donation bag, I’ll be looking at things a little differently. A lesson I have learned from my daughter.

Sharing is Caring!

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