Tools to Help Get Ready for Back to School

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Is it August already? September is coming quickly and only too soon, kids will be back to school and the long, dog-days of summer will be nothing but a memory. Gone are the days of sleeping in, ice cream for dinner, and long, drawn-out hours at the beach. Say hello to carpools, schedules, lunch boxes and PTA meetings.

tools-for-back-to-schoolSo how can Moms keep it all under control without breaking a sweat? Luckily, there are many tools readily available to help families control their time and stay sane, at the same time. And many are accessible without even leaving home.

The good folks over at Carolina Pad have taken organization and style and married the two to bring us moms the finest looking accessories money can buy. If you’re a person who enjoys putting pen to pretty paper, or keeping a paper trail, the planners, calendars, writing tools and binders offered by this company are easy on the eyes, and not too hard on the wallet. They are available at many stores you’re hitting for school supplies, like Office Max, Walmart, CVS, and Kmart.

Are you someone who needs to schedule everything from meetings to doctors’ appointments digitally? Then the 4-year-old scheduling app,, will come in handy. offers users the ability to use their platform to invite people to meetings, schedule play dates, or simply send reminders, from whatever smart phone you use. It allows invitees to select several convenient meeting times, and sends it back to the host to confirm the best time. It eliminates those back and forth emails that no one likes or has time for, and – the best part – automatically adjusts for time-zones. Worth checking out whether you’re a room parent or a working parent.

And then there are those of us who rely on old school, hard-core date books to keep our lives sane. Seems primitive but it works! A forever favorite are the durable yet handsome books made by Filofax, a company which was formed in the UK almost 90 years ago. On their website, Filofax offers everything from organizers in every size, to bags and briefcases for everyone from stylish students to professionals. The products are available both online and in some stationery stores.

Truth is, everyone has different needs when it comes to organizing for back-to-school. Thanks to some great thinkers and some wonderful tools, there really is something for everyone.

Sharing is Caring!

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