Throw a Hoppin’ Good Easter Party

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With the arrival of spring, Easter is just around the corner. If you are looking for some interesting ways to celebrate with friends and family this year, a party is a wonderful way to spend the holiday. Here are a few ideas to help you throw your family a great Easter party.

hoppin-easter-partyIntriguing Invitations – There are many ways to present your guests with an invitation to your Easter get-together.

  • Fold your party invitation into a small square, wrap with a ribbon, and place in plastic egg or small basket with a few jelly beans.
  • Remove the label from a small chocolate candy bar and use it to make a template for your party’s invitation. Replace or just cover up the chocolate bar’s label with your invitation.
  • Have your children create invitations made out of egg shapes, bunny shapes, or carrot shapes.

Delightful Decorations – The night before Easter is a great time to engage children in making party decorations. It will help them use up some of their energy from anticipation of the next day’s event.

  • This would also be a great time for decorating eggs. Be sure they are cooled completely after they are hard-boiled so your children don’t get burned. So many options are available for egg decorating, from stickers to tie-die coloring kits, and you may run out of eggs before your kids run out of ideas.
  • Have your children help with party decorations like jumbo eggs made out of posterboard, bunny shaped garland, .
  • Get some baskets from the dollar store and have kids decorate them using Easter-themed cutouts to cover the outside of the basket. Have them help cut paper strips for the filling and add some decorated eggs to the basket.
  • Give your children different colored pieces of felt to cut out shapes to piece together animals, eggs or tulips, then glue onto larger pieces of felt to make wall hangings.

Fantastic Food – Even though candy is almost a part of every Easter Party, attending adults and hungry kids need more than just sweets. Consider a few of these ideas:

  • PB&J sandwiches cut out with Easter cookie cutters
  • Fresh fruit and cheese platters cut into kid-size pieces
  • Make-it-yourself tacos where all available fixing are laid out for guest to create their favorite taco
  • Standard cookout fare, like burgers and hot dogs, is an easy option, especially for larger parties

Amazing Activities – Keeping kids entertained during an Easter party is easy with any of these activities.

  • An easter egg hunt is a traditional Easter activity. Consider having your hunt inside if the weather is too warm for chocolate candies or real hard boiled eggs or place non-melting candies, small toys or stickers inside plastic eggs for the kids to find. If you have concerns about an older child finding more eggs than a younger one, create a checklist like those for scavenger hunts to make things more even. For instance, a list might say: 2 blue eggs, 1 green egg, 1 striped egg, etc.
  • Have relay races while hopping like bunnies or carrying an egg without breaking it
  • Plant a spring garden with bunnies favorite foods like carrots and lettuce using left-over egg shells

Use these ideas to get you started and come up with your own ways to celebrate the holiday. For more fun family activity ideas, books, magazines and the web are wonderful resources. Since Easter occurs in Spring, there are so many food, craft and activity ideas to help make your party a hit.

Sharing is Caring!

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