Storage Savvy: Organize the Bedroom

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There is nothing more frustrating than rummaging through a mound of clothes searching for that the perfect shirt to match the skirt you are wearing.  As you frantically move from one pile to another, you realize you’re running late for work, again!  storage_ideas_organize_bedroomYou vow to be more organized tomorrow, if you could just find that shirt…

Our bedrooms tend to rate low on the household to-do list.  Why?  Because it is too easy to close the door and call this space “off limits” to guests and children.  Over time the bedroom becomes the dumping ground for items that don’t belong. Has your room become the storage space for toys, laundry, random paper piles, or craft supplies?

Let’s not forget that this is where you begin and end each day, so creating a clutter-free sanctuary allows you to go to sleep with a peaceful mind, and wake up each morning with enthusiasm!

Make every space count in this private space, and be savvy when choosing storage items and organizing systems to organize the bedroom. Choosing a small 3-drawer dresser rather than a nightstand provides dust-free storage for books and personal items.  Skip the night table altogether and free up some floor space by installing a floating shelf and a wall mount reading light.  If you are in the market for a new bedroom suite, there are some multifunctional pieces out there worth looking into.

If purchasing a new bedroom suite isn’t going to happen anytime soon, you need to work with what you have.  This can be a challenge, especially if you have a king sized bed monopolizing the room and a love for shoes!  Not to worry, there are plenty of cost effective storage solutions out there to organize the bedroom.  Check out my “top five” and where to get them.

  1. Drawer dividers
  2. Stacking trays for jewelry etc…
  3. Closetmaid cubeicals
  4. Shelf dividers
  5. Shoe storage
  6. Over the door organizers

If you are looking to maximize your closet space and change the way you get dressed every morning, take stock first.  You’ll experience more success if you sort through the 80% of clothing that rarely get worn.  Yes, the 80/20 rule also applies to our wardrobe ladies, so be ruthless!  Now you can purchase a few necessities to store what you deemed worthy of keeping.  Here’s a few organizing tips when it comes to maintaining order in your closet.

  • Create a system for dirty clothes and dry-cleaning. (preferably not on the floor)
  • Make certain you can easily access daily items, and utilize under-bed storage or that top shelf for out of season apparel.
  • Categorize items to make selecting an outfit easier.  (casual vs. work wear, color coordinated )
  • What about the other stuff?  Purses, scarves, belts, lingerie, shoes, ties, books, and jewelry can be the worst clutter culprits.  Designate storage for all of your accessories.
  • With each change in season, sort through your closet and dresser.  If you find it difficult to let clothing go, try the reverse hanger trick.

Maybe now you won’t have to keep your bedroom under lock and key, for fear someone may unveil your secret.  Maybe now, you can walk into this room with a smile on your face, and a feeling of peace.

Sharing is Caring!