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Sharing is Caring!

We’ve been in our home since 2005 and we’ve been focused on Everything else except for maintaining and loving our home. Sure, we’ve done the needed maintenance like the furnace etc, but the cosmetics are suffering. Our home is tired. And the stuff? Oy.

It’s funny how some of us will leave our homes looking shabby until we want to move. Then we run around shining and staging for others. What if we staged our homes for living instead of moving?

Truth be told, we are thinking of moving, so this has shoved me into staging. If we do move, we need to do it quick because we don’t want to change the kids’ schools mid-year. I’m always better with deadlines, anyway.

If we don’t move? Giving our house a bit of loving’ will help everyone feel more at home.

So I’m out to make my home feel happy again. Believe me, I’m not setting my sights on some kind of transformation that should be on TV or buying a bunch of stuff to make it feel better. I want to come in the door and smile instead of sigh. I’m simply going to start paying attention to our home and stop falling victim to judging my home against all the pretty pins out there.

I’m looking for simple tips that can breathe fresh air into every home, not just mine, so I can share the goodies with you in this series. If you have tips, I’d love for you to leave them in the comments!

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Sharing is Caring!

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