Seaside Cottage in Your Backyard

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I recently bought myself a new swimsuit at local store, Doll Factory by Damzels. When the shop had their annual end of year sale I was fortunate enough to pick-up one of the swimsuits I’ve been eyeing all year, a suit that reminds me of the sea.

The suit has a very nautical feel, like a sailor’s outfit. With a naval family history I’ve always been drawn to the sea. I think that’s why I always have to live near water. Although the winter months make the lake look less inviting, my new swimsuit has me thinking of sunnier days on the dock.

ikea seaside cottage swimsuit

IKEA has a whole line of nautical items in store. It stirs up that whole feeling of the cottage by the sea, with boat ropes and buoys, lanterns and weathered wood. I don’t own a cottage but perhaps I can create a seaside cottage feel with some of these items.

ikea seaside cottage spring2014

1 – SOLFINT tablecloth, wood effect/light brown $19.99.  2 – BEVISTA tray, laminated paper board. Assorted patterns/fish $5.99/each.  3 – SOLMYS lantern for candle in metal cup. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Powder coated steel and glass. $8.99/each.  4 – LISEL cushion, zipper makes the cover easy to remove. Rope pattern/light beige $12.99.  5 – LISEL cushion, can be used as a comfortable neckroll to support your neck or a lumbar cushion for your lower back. $9.99/each.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. The lobster and crab trays are sooo cute! I’ve been looking for something like that for my son. He’s been going through that phase of only wanting to eat off non-standard plates with pictures on them. These are great!


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