Santa Letters: Email Santa, Call Santa or Write Santa Letters for Kids

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Letters_to_SantaRemember the good old days when you sat on Santa’s knee at the mall, told him what you wanted under the tree on Christmas morning, and were sent away with a candy cane? Things have changed a little bit.

Now, Santa will call your kids on the phone, they can email Santa through Canada Post Santa Letters and Santa can send your kids a special message, too, sometimes even by video!

Thankfully, even with all of this technology available, there’s still the good-old standby of writing a letter to Santa Claus with pencil and paper. And best of all, Santa’s a pretty stable guy – he never moves, so your children can write Santa a letter at the same address that you did when you were small and volunteers will make sure a reply gets back to every letter with a return address on it!

Just send his or her letter to Santa to:

Santa Claus
North Pole

H0H 0H0


If your kids aren’t the snail-mail type or ready for email, you can still let them know that Santa is thinking of them by making sure that they receive their own, unsolicited, letter from Santa!

Sharing is Caring!

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