Potted Potter: Seven Harry Potter Books in Seventy Minutes

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I’ll admit I am a huge Potterhead. Actually our whole family loves Harry Potter, having seen all the movies in theatres and through our DVD collection. We loved following the journey of Harry and his friends as they fought ‘he who must not be named’.

Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff, promises the impossible – the retelling of all seven Harry Potter books in just seventy minutes. Not only does Potted Potter live up to its promise, it has you laughing so hard you’ll cry.

potted_potterJeff, who professes to be a Harry Potter savant, is an obvious pick to play the role of Harry, which leaves Dan to play every single other character in the play. This isn’t by choice but rather because Dan spent all the production funds — the funds for actors, scenery, and props – on a grand dragon to be revealed later in the play. Dan does a lot of running around, switching hats, changing voices, and playing various Harry Potter characters based on his limited knowledge of the books. You see, he hasn’t read them and sometimes mixes them up for Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

From the very beginning, when Dan reveals his homemade props for the Potted Potter production, you know you’re in for a wildly hysterical ride. My daughter laughed, cheered, and even jumped out of her seat in excitement during the play. It was obvious from the audience reaction that she wasn’t alone in her enjoyment. From dance numbers to a full-on Quidditch match with audience participation, Potted Potter isn’t your typical play; you don’t sit passively watching as you are engaged the whole time. Kids will love the Harry Potter references and character portrayals and parents will love the subtle jokes that only adults would get. Everyone loves a good inside joke. Even those not familiar with the story will still have a great time. The only thing that surpasses the play’s fun is Dan and Jeff’s theatre filling energy plus their improvisational skills. As with any production involving audience participation, you can never predict what will happen. Both Dan and Jeff did an amazing job rolling with whatever came their way, weaving it seamless into their storyline.

Potted Potter has been playing at the Panasonic Theatre since its North American debut February 14, 2012, and it has been extended three times with its final run April 8, 2012. The special “buy three, get one free’ offer using the code FAM4 makes the play even more affordable for families; a great treat for March Break.

My suggestion if you purchase tickets for Potted Potter, or rather when since you will want to see this play, be sure to purchase Orchestra seating if you can. We sat in row G and loved it. The play will be amazing from wherever you sit in the theatre, and Jeff and Dan do a great job talking to and including everyone, but you’ll want a front row seat to the Qudditch match.

Potted Potter is wildly funny take on the Harry Potter stories, sure to entertain big and little muggles.

Venue: Panasonic Theatre, 651 Yonge St., Toronto
Dates: Tuesday, February 14 to Sunday, April 8
Prices: $29.95 to $99.75

Tickets are available for purchase now at Mirvish.com and 1.800.461.3333.

Thanks to the folks at Rock It Promotions for the media night tickets to facilitate this review.

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