My Sink Smells! The Secret to a Fresh, Clean Garburator

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There is nothing worse than a smelly sink.  Even with a squeaky clean sink, your sink can still smell.  The culprit?  Your garburator.

No matter how often I rinse and scrub my garburator, my sink would still smell.  I tried the popular remedies:  water & bleach / baking soda & vinegar.  Both options left a lingering smell.


When cleaning out my fridge one day, I stumbled upon the secret to a fresh, clean garburator that eliminates smells.

I had a bunch of oranges and limes that were not ideal for consumption, so I was about to put them down the chute.  But I thought I’d try a mixture of what I had already tried and add a little citrus (and don’t forget the secret ingredient) into the mix.  Here’s what I ended up with:

  1. Run hot water and scrub away as much gunk from the garburator as you can.
  2. After you’ve scrubbed, leave the hot water running through the garburator with nothing in it for about 2 mins or so, then turn it off
  3. Add a layer of ice and baking soda
  4. Toss in chopped citrus or use peels
  5. Add the secret ingredient – fresh (even wilted) cilantro!
  6. Switch on your garburator with running hot water
  7. Leave it running with hot water until all food particles have disappeared.


Voila!  A beautiful, fresh smelling sink!

Sharing is Caring!

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