Clever Bathroom Storage

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Back to school is just around the corner, bringing tight schedules and busy mornings with it. In my house, this means kids fighting for time in the bathroom, and finding my 7 year old’s brush that has gone missing yet again!

Some clever ideas on how to organize your kids’ bathroom could really help everyone get out the door in the morning, on time and with fewer battles.

Traditionally, the second bathroom is a small space and tends to lack suitable storage. The counter space can get messy real quick, so it is especially important to use vertical spaces…the door, the walls of the shower, the mirror, and any nook and cranny you can find!

Let’s assume you have 2-3 children sharing one bathroom and you’re in need of simple solutions to allow the typical grooming to happen without too much drama. How to organize the bathroom? First off, no hair blowers, straighteners, or make-up allowed in this space. There simply isn’t enough space for it all. Instead, give each child a portable “bathroom caddy” to store their toiletries. They can keep either a plastic or mesh version in their rooms when not in use.

Whether toiletry caddies will work for your kids or not, there is still the need to find storage solutions for additional supplies, especially the necessary items to do quick clean ups.

How to Organize the Bathroom – Shower/Bath Supplies: If bottles of shampoo and soap are “spilling” into your tub, use the shower wall space to keep the mess at bay.

  • Suction storage baskets are easy to clean, and easy to reposition.
  • If you still have little ones, there are tons of mesh hanging bag options for toy storage.
  • Power lock hooks work well to hang face cloths on the back of the shower wall to dry.

How to Organize the Bathroom – Towels: On the floor, on the bed, in the tub and sometimes even in the toilet!

  • Store a few rolled towels in a bucket or basket on the back of the toilet.
  • A wine rack storage system mounted to the wall is the perfect solution for hand and face towels.
  • Install a wall of hooks rather than the standard towel racks. Purchase wooden letters at your local craft and have your kids paint their initial.

How to Organize the Bathroom – Teeth Care: Toothpaste drops and splatters on the mirror are inevitable, but finding a vertical space on the wall above the sink can lessen the mess!

How to Organize the Bathroom – Under the Sink:

  • Any of the hardware store roll-out organizers create easy to access storage for toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

How to Organize the Bathroom – Grooming: If you have tweens or teens, “primping products” take over every horizontal space imaginable. Besides the personalized caddies, there are other solutions to store these items in this small space.

  • Inexpensive flat-backed self adhesive cups that easily mount inside cupboard doors.
  • Hang a clear view shoe pocket organizer on the back of the door.
  • Use drawer dividers to keep the little things from cluttering your vanity.
  • Use a dry erase marker to write grooming reminders for the kids on the bathroom mirror. Smiley faces and I love you’s are nice once in a while too!

Get your kids involved when talking about how to organize the bathroom and adopt one or more of these simple storage solutions before the first week of school. It’s always a good idea to iron out the kinks before the big day! If you want to view my favorite find, check out this image from Better Homes and Gardens. A few IKEA kitchen organizers, and some magnetic paint will give you this ultra functioning bathroom door!

Sharing is Caring!

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