How to Organize a Closet: 10 Useful Tips

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how_to_organize_your_closetMost closets are fairly small. Which means closet organizing should be a big priority. A cluttered closet prevents access to clothes and makes choosing your outfits significantly more complicated.

The most important closet organizing tip: get rid of clutter. You know the drill: go over all the items in your closet and mercilessly get rid of anything you haven’t worn for the past two years. Your closet space is prime real estate: don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary items.

After the initial purging (Do you really need that eighties top with those huge shoulder pads?), remember to periodically clean out your closet – every three months or so is a good idea.

Additional tips for easy closet organizing:

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1. Use hanging canvas shelves as an easy alternative to expensive, custom built-in shelves.

2. To maximize closet space, use stacking clear plastic boxes to store shoes and other accessories such as scarves and belts.

3. Use large canvas boxes to store folded winter sweaters. Remember to dry clean them first, and store them with natural moth repellents.

4. Use shelf dividers to keep items such as T-shirts and sweaters neatly in place.

5. Arranging clothes by category (casual pants, dress pants, casual tops etc.) greatly simplifies the task of putting together outfits.

6. Use an over-the-door rack to store shoes. This utilizes the often-overlooked space behind the closet door. You can also use this space to store small items in an over-the-door pocket organizer.

7. Double rods help maximize closet space. You can find hanging closet rods that hook over the existing rod – no need for drilling.

8. Use padded hangers for delicate tops, wooden hangers for jackets, and sturdy plastic hangers for all other items. Don’t use wire hangers – they will damage your clothes.

9. Store bags, purses and clutches in large baskets and place them on your closet’s floor.

A cluttered home creates a cluttered, heavy mood. Make time this weekend to organize your closet. It will make a huge difference in your hectic mornings and will greatly streamline the daily task of getting dressed.

Sharing is Caring!

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