Glimpse into the Magic of Flicka 3

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Sharing is Caring!

One of my daughter’s favourite movies is Flicka 2 so when EverythingMom was asked to come out for a Flicka 3 set visit in Kelowna, I was keen to learn more about the magic behind the movie.

For anyone who knows me, you know that relationships are everything to me.  I always want to learn how to give, feel and love more in all of my relationships, business or personal.

When I discovered that Flicka 3 is all about relationships, I set out to learn as much as I could about the film’s message and how we might be able to bring its wisdom back to our readers.

flicka3We spent an entire day on the set of Flicka 3 jaunting between sets, chatting with actors and each other while inhaling the beauty of the majestic set location in the rolling hills of the Okanagan Valley.

Not only is this move about family, but it is created from family.  Husband/wife team, Michael Damian (Director) and Janeen Damian (Executive Producer) brought in the Black family Clint Black, and Lisa Hartman Black to continue the story from Flicka 2.  Even the Black’s daughter, Lily – age 9, plays a role.

What struck me throughout the interviews with the various actors and producers was the thick emotion in their words.  From their fears and insecurities to their fascinating passion and connection with the horses and each other.  Everyone cares deeply about their work, their message and how they show up in relationships with their viewers, interviewers, co-workers and their loved ones.

Making movies or muffins, everyone cares about what you are making, how you are making it and how it will be received.

Lisa Hartman Black, for instance, expressed anxiety around how she might manage the balance between being a mom, a wife and an actress while on set.   Clint Black, fairly new to the acting game, feels more comfortable when Michael Damian encourages him to bring his own sense of humour into the script through his character, Toby.

If you take a peek at this photo or this one  from Michael Damian’s twitter feed, you can see the joy of creation the photos captured.  Or watch this video of Clint Black breaking into impromptu song on set.  These people love what they do.  Movies are not all smoke and mirrors.  People make movies and when the true feelings of the people behind the movies come through to the screen, that is where magic happens.

Flicka 3 will bring the feelings of healing, caring and loving to you in mid 2012.  We’ll be here to share more about the movie and the magic with you then.


One thing I love about press junkets is the relationships you build with other participants.  It is so appreciated by attendees of junkets when an experience is created around the event to facilitate community.  This trip offered us all a number of opportunities to share information, connect and have a blast at venues such as the Manteo Resort, Wild Apple restaurant and the Old Vines Restaurant at Quail’s Gate Winery.  The food, wine and accommodations provided were fantastic and I would highly recommend visiting the venues if you are in Kelowna.

Sharing is Caring!

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