Falling for a New Room: 7 Steps to Re-Vamp for the Fall

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Ahhhh, Fall. If you’re like me, you love to get back into a routine and some sense of normalcy after a summer of later nights and lack of schedule. We spend so much time organizing our kids for back to school and misc. activities that we miss out on getting our own selves ready and re-organized. Doing a little tidy up and mini makeover on a room can make a huge difference on your feeling of control and readiness for a new school year.

(Read more about how a well put together room can make a difference here: link to: …. ) So why not start of the school year with a little assignment? Here are 7 steps to re-vamp your room for Fall.

1. De-clutter

Remove any “extra” items from your room ie: accessories, pillows, blankets, toys, picture frames etc. that can easily be moved out of the room. Review and make three piles to KEEP, MOVE and GIVE. Keep items that you love for that particular room, move items that could be used or stored elsewhere and give away anything that is just not suited to your room or you don’t use anymore.

2. Evaluate your Storage.

Are there toys, books or a collection of sorts that must remain in the room? Minimize the clutter by choosing the right means of storage. Whether it be boxes, bins or bookshelves, these will all help to get your room feeling more grown up and organized.

3. Paint

Even if you stay with your current paint colour you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. If you’re thinking of a change, there are some great colours on trend for Fall and Benjamin Moore has teamed up with Pottery Barn with a selection of fabulous colours.


Image Source: Benjamin Moore / Pottery BarnFall colour picks

4. Re-build

Bring your accessories back into the room and organize on any new bookshelves and place any new storage items. Based on all you have removed from your space you may have some empty areas. Take careful notes and details what might be missing and make a list of things to keep your eye out for.


Image Source: Style at Home magazine

5. Frame your Windows

We take care of the function in a hurry to maintain light control and privacy, however there is more to windows than just blinds. Drapery, even just side panels can make a significant difference to most rooms adding vertical visual interest, warmth and texture.


Image Source: Pottery Barn

6. Add Art

Our walls are the largest area of our home and often the most neglected. Venture out to local galleries, art schools, community art sales, even retail stores and start collecting. Art doesn’t have to be intimidating, it’s actually quite fun! I’ll be doing a post on “How to Buy Art” in the near future on my blog so stay tuned if you would like to learn more about the process.


Image Source: House and Home

7. Fall for Flowers

As soon as we see tulips in the spring we welcome flowers into our homes after a long winter. This love affair doesn’t have to end once Fall arrives. Flowers do so much for a space life and reminding us that things don’t have to be quite so dreary during the winter months.


Image Source: Apartment Therapy

I hope these ideas and tips have inspired you to give a little TLC to a particular room in your home this Fall. Embrace and enjoy the nesting feeling that comes along with a new school year and all the excitement that lies ahead. Cheers!

Sharing is Caring!