Blurb: Custom Photo Books You Can Do Yourself

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So anybody who knows me knows it drives me crazy to not print out pictures. I have teenagers and they love looking through their photo albums. I’m not talking scrapbook-type photo albums; I am talking regular old albums. blurb_custom_photobooksThe other thing most people about me is I’m a complete tech freak! So a few years back I started making photo books online and then having them printed and shipped to me. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!

A little while back I was asked by EverythingMom if I’d be interested in giving Blurb a try. I’d heard a lot about Blurb but had never actually tried them. It was so easy.

I was able to create a custom photo book in 5 easy steps:

  1. Download the software. You can create a simple photo book using a collection of preset templates within Blurb’s online editing tool, Bookfly, but I wanted to have a little more control over customizing my book. I downloaded Blurb’s custom book editing software, BookSmart.
  2. Click on “start a new book”.
  3. Pick my book. I gave my book a title and choose what kind of book I wanted to make (square or landscape; various preset templates like photo book, blog book; or customize completely).
  4. Upload my photos. Select my pictures to upload (from my computer or other various photo programs I have an account with) and what happened next was life changing. The program asked my if I wanted them to auto insert my images! I would have clicked definitely but they only had yes so I chose that.
  5. Order my book. So once my photos were uploaded I looked through the book and clicked on order the book. It uploaded to www.Blurb.com and that’s truly when the magic happened for me.

I go to a lot of events and I always have my camera; sometimes I’m working but other times I’m just there as me. It never fails that I get asked about pictures. By uploading a finished book people can actually go on the site, see the book, and order a copy if they choose. I LOVE THIS! If you go to Blurb.com and look me up (CLBPhotograp) you can see the BlissDom Canada 2010 book that I uploaded. Another book I chose to make was from an engagement session I did with clients (it was the guest book at their wedding).

There were a couple of hiccups with the shipping but the book I received was well worth the wait. I’ve included a few pictures of the book I printed and I will admit that I was very impressed with the print quality of this book.

I will without a doubt use Blurb again and probably sooner rather than later seeing as I’ve already started making my holiday gift list.

* I was given an account in order to try Blurb’s service firsthand.


Sharing is Caring!

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