The Best Ways to Plan Your Garden

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Many people will be out digging in the dirt this May long weekend, however, I go with my Dad’s rule of thumb and wait until after June 1 in Calgary.  If you enjoy warming climates than Calgary, or you are willing to risk it, these links will help you out when you are planning your garden.

The Essentials of How to Plan a Garden has put together a fantastic series of How to Plan a Garden.  A few of our favourite ideas are:

1.  How to Combine Color and Scent in an Annual Garden

2.  How to Combine Plant Shapes and Sizes

3.  Choosing a Garden Theme

4.  How to Design a Herb Garden

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens is a leader in offering the best content for planning your garden. Here are a few of our favourites from their vast gardening section:

1.  Free Interactive Garden Design Tool

2.  Weed Identification Guide

3.  Stop Garden Pests

4.  Container Garden Finder

5.  Succulent Container Garden Plans

Canadian Gardening

We love Canadian Gardening because it offers tips from local Canadian experts for our climate.

1.  10 Secrets of Garden Designers

2.  Garden Design 101

3.  12 Ideas for Your Edible Garden


Miscellaneous Garden Planning Tips

Here are a few of our favourite tips on planning gardens:

1.  How to Plan Your Garden from Keeper of the Home

2.  Planning a Garden for Cooking from Homegrown & Health

3.  Host a Gardening Party from Home Made Simple

4.  Design a Garden for Flowers All Summer Long from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

5.  Container Gardening Tips for a Successful Garden from Living a Frugal Life

6.  An entire site dedicated to Fairy Garden Designs 

7. Garden Bed Preparation from HGTV


Online Tools to Plan Your Garden 

1.  Small Blue Printer’s Garden Planner

2.  GrowVeg’s Garden Planning Tool

3.  Gardener’s Supply Company’s Kitchen Garden Planner

4.  Garden Puzzle’s Online Garden Design Tool


Sharing is Caring!

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