7 Fun Tea Infusers

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Nothing beats a warm tea, either in the morning to get you going or at night to help you unwind. With so many great loose tea brands out there an infuser is a must in a tea drinker’s home. Here are seven fun tea infusers on my wish list.

1) Tea Bag Infuser for those who love the traditional bag for their loose tea. 2) You’ll never enjoy your tea alone with Mr Tea hanging in your cup. 3) Your tea cup looks like a planter with this Tea Leaf Infuser. 4) Bring your favourite loose tea with you anywhere with TeaGo 5) The Camelia Leaf floats in your tea, looking more like an ingredient in your drink versus an infuser 6) Get playful with the Deep Tea Diver in the bottom of your cup. 7} Arta Tea Infuser and Saucer turns upside down in your cup to steep in your tea. Take it out and it has a built-in saucer to avoid drips on your table.

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Sharing is Caring!

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