How to Know if You are Pregnant Without a Test?

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The best way to determine if you’re pregnant is to, of course, take an at-home pregnancy test or to get your blood tested to confirm you are pregnant, but what if you think you have early signs of pregnancy? Is there anything you can do to know if you are pregnant without taking a test? There are many things that women can look for to determine if they are pregnant by following the cues their body is giving them.

We are breaking down some of the signs and symptoms to look for to determine if you are, in fact, pregnant! Of course, we never recommend shouting it from the rooftops with excitement until you have a confirmed pregnancy test because these signs and symptoms all by themselves are not enough to confirm you are pregnant

17 Signs to Know if You are Pregnant Without a Test

When looking for signs of pregnancy, it is important to know that many of these signs are normal symptoms that women have during menstruation. So if you find yourself nauseous, overly tired, or even with more cramps than normal, this does not mean 100% you are pregnant. Of course, if these signs persist for longer periods of time, say up to a week, then it is worth investigating if you are, in fact, pregnant.

#1. Missed Period

The best indicator of pregnancy is a missed period. If you have a normal cycle and are in your childbearing years, then if you are more than 2-3 days late on your period, then there is a good chance you might be carrying a baby. If this is the case, you will want to follow it up with a pregnancy test to confirm if you are, in fact, pregnant.

Many women do have irregular periods, which you will want to be aware of. This can be caused by stress, significant weight gain/ loss, or if you have recently stopped taking your birth control pills.

#2. Spotting

Are you having or had light spotting a couple of weeks after your last period? Many women mistakenly think this is a very light early period, but in fact, it can be implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding occurs when the egg implants itself on the uterus wall. Many women don’t’ even realize this is happening and won’t know they are pregnant until their missed period.

#3. Cramping

Along with the spotting, you might have some very light cramping, which feels like period cramps. This cramping is the best indication that the egg has now implanted itself on the uterine wall.

#4. Nausea and Vomiting

Some women will start to have morning sickness as soon as 3 weeks pregnant. This can occur right when you wake up or really at any point throughout the day. There can be certain things that can trigger it, or you might live in a state of nausea from the time you wake up til the time you go to bed.

This is caused by your hormone levels rising so quickly.

If you find yourself throwing up several times a day and feel like you are dehydrated, you will want to be sure to contact your doctor to make sure you do not need fluids. There are some women who experience really extreme morning sickness and vomiting that require medical attention.

#5. Bloating

While your progesterone levels are rising, you may feel like you are really bloated and full all the time. This is because your progesterone is relaxing the muscle tissue that makes digestion work normally. In order to help with the bloating, you will want to eat several small meals rather than three main meals in a day.

Just beware that bloating occurs with most women around their period and can also be a sign of indigestion.

#6. Sensitive Breasts

If you are trying to determine if you are pregnant without a test, another place to look and pay attention to is your breasts. If you feel like they are overly sore or more sensitive than normal, then you might be pregnant. Usually, around your nipple, they can become tingly to the touch, and the areola (the area right around your nipple) will start to become darker in color. You might even start to see some white pimple-like spots as well.

#7. Urination

As your hormone levels rise, your body is changing. These changes are wreaking havoc on your body, causing you to have the urge to go to the bathroom all the time. This is caused by the increase of blood flow as well as water retention as well as your uterus adding extra pressure to your bladder.

If you find yourself running to the bathroom all the time you want to make sure that you are still getting enough liquids, because if you are pregnant you will need these liquids to not become dehydrated.

#8. Sore Back

Are you feeling aches in your lower back more than normal or how it feels when your period is on its way? This is another indication that you might be pregnant.

This might be one of the most misleading signs of pregnancy because sore back muscles can be brought on by many other causes, not just pregnancy.

#9. Headaches

Headaches on their own is not an indication of pregnancy, but with all many of the other symptoms you are experiencing, then you might be pregnant. Be sure that you are drinking plenty of water and getting rest if you find that you are getting frequent headaches.

#10. Moody

Are you really happy one minute and really grumpy or upset the next? We can blame this on hormonal changes if you are pregnant. This is caused by your hormone levels rising which makes it even more difficult to stay happy all the time.

#11. Food Cravings/ Aversions

Are you suddenly feeling like a Big Mac when you actually don’t even like them, or does your favorite meal now sound like the worst idea ever? Developing certain cravings and food aversions can be an indication of pregnancy. This is caused by your estrogen levels rising throughout your body. Over time, you will like your favorite foods again and not have the cravings that you currently have.

#12. Overly Tired

Are you feeling just plain exhausted? If you are pregnant, your body is going through some major changes and is working overtime! Progesterone levels are rising, you might be falling nauseous, and you are starting to grow a baby. If you are feeling overly tired and you are getting adequate sleep you might be pregnant if it is accompanied by some other signs and symptoms.

#13. Sensitive Gums

Another way you might know you are pregnant without a test is that you might start to feel your gums are more sensitive than before, or they even may start to bleed when you brush. If this is happening, get a soft bristle toothbrush and be as gentle as you can while brushing.

#14. Red Palms

Some women in the early stages of pregnancy will develop Palmar Erythema or redness in the palms. Estrogen levels rising is the cause of this.

#15. Nasal Congestion

As hormone levels rise, you are producing more blood which will, for some, have an effect on the mucous membranes in your nose. This causes the nostril to swell, dry, and even bleed at times, causing runny noses and stuffy noses.

#16. Sex Drive

When hormones are on the rise women, tend to not have the sex drive level that they once did. If you feel like your sex drive has diminished along with other symptoms, you could possibly be pregnant. If you are worried that your sex drive is gone forever, do not worry because it will be back before you know it!

#17. Acne

As your hormone levels increase in pregnancy, so does your acne. A lot of women see this when they are menstruating as well, so while it is not a sure-fire sign of pregnancy, accompanied with some other signs and symptoms, you could very well be pregnant.

FAQs about knowing if you are pregnant without a test

Q1. Are natural signs and symptoms of pregnancy accurate?

While we would all like to listen to our body and the pregnancy signs and symptoms it is putting off; it is not super accurate in detecting pregnancy. The best way to determine if you are pregnant is to wait for your missed period and then take an at-home pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant or not.

Q2. How long do I need to wait to take a pregnancy test?

With the at-home pregnancy tests that are now available, you can test to see if you are pregnant up to 7 days before your missed period. These tests are testing the hCG levels in your body through your urine. Although you might get a negative test a week before your period, this is not 100 percent accurate as your hCG levels might not be high enough to be seen yet.

Q3. When Should I see a doctor if I am pregnant?

Once you get a confirmed pregnancy test, you will want to contact your doctor. They will know the best time to schedule an appointment. Usually, you will see a doctor between 8-12 weeks pregnant.

Q4. I am pregnant! Now what?

Congratulations! First, you will want to be sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins, and you will want to contact your doctor to let them know. Once you do this, you will want to go ahead and grab our first-trimester pregnancy symptoms printable and start following along with your growing baby with the pregnancy calendar.

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