Helpful Tips to Looking Great While Breastfeeding

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1. Invest in Breastfeeding Clothing

BF2Call me shallow, but with my first, I didn’t really enjoy breastfeeding. Well what I didn’t enjoy was how I looked or felt in my clothes.

  • My boobs were lopsided = not a pretty sight even with B’s!
  • Always felt disheveled, a mess – hiking up my top about 20 times a day
  • Lost too many buttons – My shirts weren’t use to the B’s
  • Tunics – Never – 3 meters of fabric rolled up under my chin was simply ridiculous

And last but definitely not least was the ever famous Muffin Top! I could care less if someone saw my boobs, it was that unsightly M Top, my lady junk, that mess of a mid-section that I wanted covered up & fast!

Breastfeeding Clothing saved me for baby #3 and now I shout from the roof tops how wonderful it is that nursing moms can look and feel fabulous!

BF1The Peekaboo nursing line from Israel is a new addition to us here at my Bump. The reviews keep coming in – and it’s fabulous. Yes I’ve taken one for myself! The nursing opening runs straight under the bust line. The raw finish of the fabric blends in smoothly with the rest of the garment that you don’t notice the opening at all! Coupled with the rushing detail all along the sides, you get to hide everything that you want hidden too! They’ve also included a little duck illustration on the underside of the top layer to amuse a nursing baby and help mom remember which side she last nursed from!

Dressing up for the holiday? Yes you can wear a dress and breastfeed!

BF4Boob Design, is a Swedish marvel, and leads the way with their styling, design detail and fabrication. They have something for every nursing mom; whether a basic T-Shirt to a dress, they have a style that fits your lifestyle and helps to make mom feel her best at this very important time in her life.

2. Don’t forget to accessorize

Trying to stay fashionable cost me many a necklace & earrings – though I’ve vain and continued to do so. However now there are some great nursing necklaces that are designed for strong little fingers! Peaz in a Pod is a Canadian made collection that uses non-toxic acrylic beads that are great for teething too! There is a breakaway safety closure that will come undone when pulled on yet you won’t loose any beads. Plus it makes for a great gift for a girlfriend who has just given birth.


3. Get the Right Pump

BF7There are many reasons some women decide to use a breast pump. If you do, just make sure you select the one that is right for you and your needs and lifestyle. Whether an occasional use, or dealing with a premature baby, it is important to look at the various brands before making your purchasing. Many hospitals and now some breastfeeding boutiques will allow you to rent a breast pump, typically of hospital grade, but thereby allowing you to see if using a pump is the option for you. Trust me – my second daughter never took a bottle so that breast pump I bought was a complete waste. There was no date night for us for awhile!



Sharing is Caring!

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