Finding a Good Nursing Bra

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About eight years ago I bought my first nursing bra. I had no idea what I was doing. Don’t get me wrong, I knew shopping (very well) and loved lingerie. But, all of the lovely things in my drawers didn’t prepare me for this purchase. First of all, all of those bras were for MY breasts, not for THESE foreign, ever changing and growing things I now was lugging (proudly) around. Secondly, all my other bras had been chosen easily, from a large collection of options from sports bra to va va va voom. There was no va va anywhere to be found this time…and they were all so functional, so basic and so so boring. Also, it was all a part of the greater unknown, the road to mama-hood…first pregnancy, first baby and first time breastfeeding.

nursingbraWell, that first bra took me down a bumpy and exciting road to starting my own nursing bra company. My husband likes to tease me that if I could have found one bra I loved back then, I wouldn’t own 1000’s of them now and I could have a real job and he could have a hot meal…but I digress…

So over the years, three children later and still nursing, I have learned a few simple things to think about when you buy your first nursing bra that I would like to share with you,

Function is really really important. A nursing bra makes is easier to breastfeed. They hold in a nursing pad and support your breast during feedings, which helps with latch and comfort. But don’t forget, a nursing bra is like a potato chip – you can’t have just one. Start off with at least two of the softest and most comfortable ones you can find. Make sure they are easy to care for. As you continue to breastfeed, which I hope you will do, you will need bras for daytime wear and for under pretty tops and dresses, even under work out clothes. Do you have one bra now? I didn’t think so.

Fit is always important in bras, breastfeeding or not. A properly fit bra will make you look and feel great. Your clothes will fit better, people will ask you if you’ve changed your hair or taken a vacation recently. About fit, a nursing bra is a lot like jeans – my best fit may not be yours and sizes can vary between bras. You swear that Rocks are the best, but I like my Gap boyfriend jeans…that’s why there are so many available. Try on a bunch and get fit by someone who knows how. Make sure to go back after about 6 weeks to 3 months when the girls start settling down a bit (you’ll know when it happens, trust me) and get fit again. It will be just in time for something prettier.

Which leads me to what I consider to be the deal maker…Fashion. There are so many amazing lingerie companies around now making great nursing bras – with beautiful fabrics, colours, and patterns and all price levels. Because nursing bras are like you, you new mama or mom to be….they are beautiful! Use the web, ask your friends, shop around. And find something you love that fits you and suits your needs. Then tell your friends where you got it.

Please understand, I could go on and on. After my three little loves, nursing bras are my life…literally. So learn from me (and my poor husband) and find some before you feel inspired to make your own and your family never eats hot food again.

by Alison, Nummies Nursing Bras


Sharing is Caring!