8 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, we all know the importance of eating right and exercising, but sometimes it can be hard to find exercises that adapt well to your pregnant body. Pregnancy yoga is a great way to stay in shape and stay active. Not only that but there are many benefits of yoga during pregnancy that you want to take advantage of. 

8 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

What is Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy yoga is considered a safe exercise to do while pregnant. It encourages stretching, helps prepare your mind for labor and helps you practice focus breathing. 

Check out these 8 benefits of yoga during pregnancy to help you stay in shape and feel great throughout your pregnancy. 

8 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Self Care

Every mom knows self-care is important and that is no different when you are pregnant. 

During this time you might find yourself rushing about all over the place trying to get ready for the new arrival only to find yourself completely exhausted.  

Yoga during pregnancy allows you to take a deep breath, regroup, stretch and dedicate a little bit of your time and energy to help you feel grounded and ready to take on the day. 

Helps with Aches and Pains

During pregnancy, you are almost guaranteed all sorts of aches and pains. These aches and pains are a normal pregnancy symptom that we all get. It is caused by your muscles and ligaments moving and stretching to make room for your growing baby. 

Not only that, but yoga helps you maintain proper body alignment. It does this by teaching you how to sit and walk with proper posture. This helps reduce pelvic tilt which relieves the back pain that you experience with pelvic tilt.  

Helps Prepare for Labor

One of the biggest benefits of yoga during pregnancy which you might not see until you are in labor is that it helps prepare you for labor. It does this by creating a strong pelvic floor which helps with a much easier birthing process. 

As you become familiar with strengthening your pelvic floor muscles it can help you use these same muscles while in labor to help push out your baby when it is time. 

Prepares you to use Imagery Tools

Yoga is all about mindset and preparing your mind and being one with yourself. 

During pregnancy, yoga helps prepare your mind to make it through some of the most powerful contractions. 

Yoga helps you develop an acute awareness which you will be able to use through labor and help you manage the pain that you are experiencing. Combined with visual imagery and your breathing techniques yoga teaches you, you will have some of the most effective tools you will need to make it through the laboring process. 

Helps Fight Depression

During pregnancy, you will experience a wide range of hormonal changes. You might go from really happy to really sad in a matter of minutes. These hormonal changes will be with you throughout your pregnancy and will follow you after. 

Many women fight depression throughout their pregnancy and after. 

While prenatal yoga can’t take the place of professional help, prenatal yoga can help you strengthen your mind and help you turn negative thoughts and self-doubts that are normally seen in depression to positive thoughts that are typically seen in depression.

Yoga during pregnancy has been proven to help combat depression and anxiety and help you with the hormonal changes you are going through.

Find Mom Friends

Attending prenatal yoga classes helps you meet other pregnant moms. This helps you introduce you to other moms going through the same things you are going through. They are making the same healthy choices you are and preparing their bodies as well for labor. 

Not only that, but you are finding life long friends in prenatal yoga classes as you both prepare for motherhood, share experiences, and help calm each other through the anxiety of being pregnant.

Connects you with your Baby

8 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Although you might not realize it right away, yoga during pregnancy helps connect you with your baby. 

As you take the time to go to prenatal yoga class this helps you become one with your baby. It allows you a few moments each day to connect with your baby and focus on your pregnancy, your baby, and the labor that is to come. 

Prenatal yoga helps connect you together and feel such a great appreciation for your pregnant body and your baby that you are creating.  

Relax and Sleep

One of the best benefits of yoga during pregnancy is that it teaches you to relax. 

As you learn mindfulness techniques during yoga class you can start to use these same techniques at home to help you relax when you start to feel anxious. 

The breathing exercises you learn during yoga also helps you to relax to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. It helps you regulate a sleep rhythm which makes this easier. 

As your body changes during pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts. As it does this it weakens muscles in your abdominal wall creating more lower back pain and more tension. By learning different yoga positions it helps relieve the tension and pain and helps you sleep better. 

There you have it! 8 benefits of yoga during pregnancy! 

Yoga will help you feel better, have less pain and help you naturally feel the pregnancy glow you are experiencing. As you prepare to give birth to your baby you will feel more confident as you participate in prenatal yoga. 

What benefits do you see from prenatal yoga? Share in the comments!

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Sharing is Caring!

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