6 Ways to Love Your Post-Pregnancy Body

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Pregnancy is truly a wonderful time in a woman’s life – what a miracle that you can grow an absolutely new human being from a single cell!

BUT, pregnancy and childbirth change your body in unexpected ways, and you need to be ready for that.

What Happens to Your Body After You Have a Baby?

Nine long months of growing a human result in significant changes to your body. Because your baby needs space to grow, your stomach muscles gradually stretch.

Your baby needs to make an exit somehow, so your hips widen to prepare for the birth. Of course, these rapid changes slow down after childbirth, but for a little while, there are still changes to come.

6 Ways to Love Your Post-Pregnancy BodyHere’s a bit about what you can expect once baby arrives:

Bigger breasts – Your breasts get larger than normal (even larger than they were during pregnancy). Because of the hormones that send a message to your breasts to produce milk for your baby, your breasts may become swollen, flushed, and even sore. You might also experience some sagging because of the stretched skin.

Sagging stomach – After delivery, it is normal to have a quite baggy stomach. You may also notice stretch marks before and after the pregnancy. At first, stretch marks tend to be red, but over time, they will fade and start to blend in with the color of your skin.

Swelling and varicose veins – Swollen legs and varicose veins are the most common things during pregnancy, but some women experience varicose veins and swelling in their legs even after (or exclusively after) having the baby.

“The Mask of Pregnancy” – Have you heard of this? It is when the skin around your eyes starts fading, your skin becomes dry, and you may experience a red rash around your mouth and chin.

Hair loss – It sounds terrible, but after childbirth, you may begin to lose large amounts of your hair. This is due to hormonal changes. Just don’t worry! In the near future, your hair will return to its normal growth cycle.

It is really hard to accept your body after all these changes, but they are entirely normal! Don’t forget that the changes after a baby are temporary. Gradually, your body will start getting back to normal. So now you need to learn how to love your post-pregnancy body.

Loving Your Body After Baby

Even if a few months go by and you don’t see your post-baby body return to normal, don’t fret. Here are six strategies to help you accept and love your body after childbirth.

#1: Choose the Right Clothes

You see that your body has changed after you have a baby, so one of the main things you have to do is to change your style and find clothes that will really fit you, as well as show off your curves. This is very important,because if you just put on enormous shirts, skirts and dresses, you will just feel fat. In contrast, wearing skin-tight clothes will demoralize you and you won’t feel comfortable.

#2: Give Your Body Time to Recover

It took nine months to put the baby weight on; don’t think that everything will be back to normal overnight! Your body needs some time to recover,and you should expect it to take a little while. Don’t join the gym right after you deliver. It would be better to make some time for a little physical self care at home. For example, practice some easy exercises when rolling around with your baby on the floor,and about a month after delivery,you can treat yourself to a hot bath or a body mask.

#3: Practice Positivity and Optimism

Focus only on positive thoughts. You have a baby; this is the real miracle! Be grateful to your body for this miracle. Say thanks to your stomach, because it helped you grow a new person! Say thanks to your breasts, because they provide your baby with milk! Say thanks to your arms, because they carry your baby. Look at your stretch marks and think of them as tiger stripes. Try to see the positive in every aspect of your life!

#4: Stop Dwelling on Celebrities

It’s best to ignore the media after giving birth. Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, and stop dwelling on the fact that they seem to look amazing the day after delivery. (It’s not the whole picture!) Instead, focus on yourself and your baby.

#5: Take More Photos of Yourself

The period after childbirth is a very special stage of your life, and the way you look after giving birth is also special. So try to take selfies as often as possible. Look at your juicy form – curvy hips and magnificent boobs. You look wonderful!

#6: Don’t Ignore Your Sexual Desire

Your partner also sees all your body changes… Remember: men love curvy figures. Don’t be afraid to jump back into sex after giving birth. It might be really great to be admired and cuddled by your significant other.

Taking Care of Yourself After Giving Birth

Being a new mom, you should know how to take care of your body. Here are some useful tips that can help bring about a speedier recovery:

  • Rest whenever possible. Delivering a baby is a difficult work, so don’t forget that you need to rest as much as possible to reduce the recovery period for your body.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things. You can lift just your baby. You may experience heavier-than-normal vaginal bleeding if you try to lift something heavier than your little miracle.
  • Treat your body. A hot bath is a great way to relax (though you should avoid them in the first month after delivery).
  • Exercise. Exercise is a great way to boost your energy and even improve your mood.Consult with your doctor about when you can start exercising again. At first, you may be cleared just for easy activities, like walking around the house and stretching when taking care of your baby.

Simple Tips to Get Your Body Back After Baby

Overtime, your body will return to its pre-pregnancy shape, but there are ways to lose the baby fat a bit faster. Use the following tips to speed up the process.

  • Breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding allows you to burn around 500 – 700 calories a day, which is a huge help in losing the weight quickly and safely.
  • Move, move, move.You’ll feel tired after delivery, and you may even have postpartum depression, but if you want to get your body back faster, you have to move and practice easy exercises.
  • Eat the right foods. Make sure your diet consists of low-fat products, lean protein, and whole grains. You should also try to consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don’t worry about your post-baby body! Just try to accept and love your new look. (You’re so pretty, carrying your little miracle in your arms!) 

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