10 Alternative Words to Hate

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Do you find your kids using the word hate on a daily basis? Teach them 10 alternative words to hate to help them better understand how they are feeling!

10 Alternative Words to hate

10 Alternative Words to Hate

Have you ever noticed how often the word HATE appears in your child’s vocabulary?

I hate math. I hate going to swimming lessons. I hate my friend.

I hate it when you make meatloaf. With the number of words available to us in the English language, it feels as though some words are often overused and perhaps not being used correctly.

Hate is such an easy word to toss in a sentence when making a statement about something we dislike but it doesn’t really communicate the real issue being voiced.

I’ve been trying to get myself and my own kids to rethink the word HATE and come up with alternative words for hate so they can articulate better how they are feeling.

1. I Hate Math (History, Art. Science).

When your kids say, “I hate math.” it usually comes up out of frustration from a homework problem they don’t understand. It is not the overall hate of a particular subject.

The general statement doesn’t highlight what the issue really is.

Instead of using the blanket word hate, have your child explain what has them frustrated.

  • The lesson seemed easy in class but it’s confusing at home.
  • Adding long numbers is something I’m not very good at.

Teaching them alternative words for hate, help us to better help them with the problem they are facing.

2. I Hate Going to Swimming Lessons

It’s easy as an adult to view school as something less tasking than the job we do during the day but that’s because we have learned those lessons already.

Learning any new skill requires mental output which can be tiring.

Add to that additional lessons or activities and you could end up with one tired child. This can come out in a general statement of not wanting to do something.

Try getting your child to explain why they may not want to participate in an event or lesson.

  • I never get to spend time with my friends after school.
  • Last game one of the boys said we lost the game because of me.

Again, teaching alternative words for hate better helps us to know the frustrations they are currently feeling.

10 Alternative Words to Hate

3. I Hate My Friend

I’m sure as a parent the on-again/off-again friendships are not new to your household.

If your child is adjusting to new emotions, imagine two or three children together going through the same thing.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong and when something happens to touch on those feelings it may not end well. Often your kids don’t really “hate” the friend in question but may feel hurt by an encounter or action.

  • Melissa and I were planning on playing together at recess but she decided to play with Rachel instead.
  • Ryan laughed when I dropped my hat in the mud. It was embarrassing.

4. I Hate When You Make Meatloaf

Food can be another trigger for the word hate, like when it comes to certain foods.

Your child may actually dislike a particular food (assuming they have tried it) or maybe it’s about the way a particular food item is prepared or how often the family has eaten it. It could also be a perceived dislike too.

  • Spinach always tastes mushy and leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  • Mark never eats vegetables (therefore I shouldn’t have to).
  • This is the third day we’ve had pasta for dinner.

The idea is moving the kids away from using the often negative and non-descript word “hate” and focusing on what the real issue is with alternative words to hate.

Redirect them from using the word and ask them to focus on what is really bugging them, what is pushing them to say they hate something.

If hate really does qualify for the emotion your child is feeling, try providing them with a few alternative words to hate such as:

10 Alternative Words to Hate

10 Alternative Words to Hate for Kids to Learn

  • I LOATHE spinach.
  • I have an AVERSION to homework.
  • Candy DISGUSTS me.
  • I have a GRIPE with my teacher.
  • There’s NO LOVE LOST between me and asparagus.
  • I DETEST how the color green looks on me.
  • I DISLIKE brushing my teeth before bed.
  • I feel BITTER about my friend ignoring me today.
  • The gym first thing in the morning is REPULSIVE.
  • My brother is IRRITATING me today.

Look in any dictionary and you’ll discover an abundance of words not used that help describes how they are feeling.

Encouraging our kids to think about the meaning behind their word choices will help parents and children understand what’s really the issue.

Plus, expanding a child’s vocabulary with additional word choices isn’t a bad idea either.

Do you find the word hate falls into conversation far too frequently with kids?

What alternative words to hate do you use? Share in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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  3. Yes, the word hate falls into conversation far too frequently with kids because at a very early child had not discovered many things also around him/her, that the reason when you start talking to children’s they ask a lot and the conversation goes far.

    Mostly there are no other words I find kids had said far too often about my liking, I only thing I do is try to clear their questions.

    Nice Blog!

  4. It’s our responsibility to guide our childrens what’s the Right & Wrong. After through as the time passed they will know more about world, so guide your childrens into right way.`

  5. Find any word you want to replace “Hate” but when it comes to Math no word can express the feeling better than “Hate” when you simply hate the subject.

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