Wash Buddy for Dad

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There are lots of great ways to remember dad, we even shared some craft and DIY ideas, but since my husband has been really busy lately I wanted to find a gift that the kids could give to and enjoy with their dad.

The answer came to me from a knock at the door: Autoglym. A package of the various car cleaning products had just arrived.

No my husband doesn’t own a posche or other high-end sports car but he does take care of his vehicle. What better way to show a little car care love than with a Wash Buddy kit from his wash buddies (aka the kids) containing some high-end car products from Autoglym.

I remember being little and loving the whole car wash ritual. I’m talking about a bucket of water and a bathing suit versus driving through the local car wash like we do now. My kids love getting the van ready for road trips, so imagine how much fun they’ll have working with their dad, cleaning his car.

Autoglym has all the products you’ll need for your car lover, from Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to suds up the car to Aqua Wax Kit for quick shine. For real auto enthusiasts it’s the details that matter, like cleaning the wheels and glass. I think my favourite product from Autoglym is the Bird Dropping Wipes. Wires run right across our driveway and the birds love to perch there and well, poop. Bird poop not only looks awful but it can discolour your paint. I think I’ll need a package of these in my van too.

dad gift wash buddy bubbles

dad gift wash buddy coupons

Of course no Wash Buddy is complete without a bucket and sponge. My youngest loved creating soap bubbles to stick on the outside of the bucket and my oldest create Wash Buddy coupons that dad could exchange for little wash buddies to help him on a sunny day.

I’ll admit I had to fight the urge to ‘help’ in the creative process. Seeing images on Pinterest and Instagram always has me wanting to improve the creative work my kids put out but then it wouldn’t be the kids’ work. I really wanted to get the kids involved so I left the creative side of things in their hands and I think they did a pretty darn cool job.

dad gift wash buddy details

For a job well done we also tucked in a bottle of Blood Orange Soda for the buddies to share after washing the car (though I’ll more than likely have a chilled beer waiting in the fridge for my husband too). Car washing is hard work. I love that the Wash Buddy will give my husband some great cleaners for his car and that the kids will love giving the bucket to him but the best gift will be the little wash buddies that come with it, my kids. Whether it’s Father’s Day or just a regular Sunday, the Wash Buddy really is the gift of spending time together.

Do you remember washing the car as a kid? Do you enjoy washing the car as a family now?

Sharing is Caring!

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