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Walt Disney is such a fun and magical place to visit. Vacationing at Disney World can be some of the best memories you will make together as a family. In order to have those magical moments, you want to be sure you set yourself up for a successful trip by having the right items on your Walt Disney World Packing List for visiting the happiest place on earth.

Walt Disney World Packing List

12 Must-Have Items to Include on Your Disney World Packing List

Rain Gear

A lightweight rain jacket is a must. The Florida weather is unpredictable and can change throughout the day. Having a rain jacket that can be rolled up and fit into a backpack will be an important item to add to your Walt Disney World packing list.

Walt Disney World Packing List

Here is a little tip, when it does rain everyone scatters and waits for it to end in buildings or under shelter. If you are equipped with the right rain gear you can keep moving and maybe beat everyone to the next attraction. 


When packing for Walt Disney World, snacks will be a lifesaver and a money saver! Having snacks id perfect for while you are waiting in line or on Disney transportation to and from each park. 

Walt Disney World Packing List

When packing snacks think snacks that do not melt in the heat. 

It can get pretty humid and snacks that melt will not do well. Also, consider snacks that do not crush or crumble just in case they end up at the bottom of the backpack you take every day to the parks.

Try packing snacks your kids typically do not eat and would find super fun or exciting. 

Sour patch kids and dum dums are always fun ones for my kids since they do not get them often. 

Just remember Walt Disney World has a no gum policy so do not pack this as a snack or treat for your kids. 

Refillable Water Bottle

Walt Disney World gets hot and you want to make sure you stay hydrated. Disney has recently installed multiple refillable water stations around the park and you can easily locate these on a map using the Disney App. 

Walt Disney World Packing List
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Disney has also gone green which means no plastic lids or straws. Keep this in mind if straws are an important way for your small ones to drink.

 Including refillable water bottles for each member of your family on your Walt Disney World Packing List will be beneficial when someone gets thirsty.  

Portable Charger

While at Walt Disney your phone is your planner and will hold your reservations for dinners, your fast passes and help you secure additions fast passes once your first three are used. 

Walt Disney World Packing List
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The Disney App is so helpful and also very good at draining your battery. Having a charged portable charger will be one way you can be certain you don’t miss a reservation or a photo opportunity in the park. That is why it is a must-have item to include on your Walt Disney Packing List.

Glow Sticks

Once the sun goes down at any Walt Disney World Park the souvenir carts come out filled with every light-up toy you can think of! 

Walt Disney World Packing List
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These are pretty pricey and can be easily misplaced or left behind. 

To help avoid the tears of a lost light-up toy just add glow sticks to your Walt Disney World Packing List so you can pull them out each night for some night time fun and will even help you locate your children in the dark! 

The parks can be very dark in some areas especially walking near Ariel’s Grotto in the Magic Kingdom.

Hand Sanitizer

Getting sick while on vacation is not fun. Trust me your kids will touch everything they can while at the park. Hand sanitizer will help cut down on the number of germs they collect.

Walt Disney World Packing List
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Hand sanitizer should be number one on your Walt Disney Packing List. You will want multiple small bottles of hand sanitizer stashed in your stroller and backpack so you do not run out while on your vacation.


Packing a few new toys or sticker books can help pass the time while standing in line. 

A few good items to consider would be small items that would be new to them but easily played while standing in line.

Walt Disney World Packing List

A new hot wheel car can bring loads of fun to a child pushing it on the walls and railings while waiting or even a few new sticker books can be entertaining while passing time and keeps the little ones happy!

Comfortable Shoes

You will do a lot of walking while at Walt Disney World. There is no way to get around that. This is why it is so important to pack comfortable shoes. 

Walt Disney World Packing List

So many people think they need cute shoes to match their themed outfits. They may look cute but come night time they are regretting their choice of footwear. 

The one thing you do not want are blisters on your feet during your stay at Walt Disney. Comfortable shoes are a must to include on your Walt Disney World Packing List. 

First Aid Essentials

Having a few simple first aid items in a small Ziploc bag can save you time and money. 

Walt Disney World Packing List
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Disney does have a First Aid Building but to save yourself time packing alcohol wipes and band-aids in case you get a minor cut or scrape will allow you to save the day right away without having to locate the First Aid Building and get back to making memories at the happiest place on earth! 

Portable Fan

It gets hot at the parks and when you are not in this type of heat daily the heat can be miserable.

Walt Disney World Packing List
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Portable handheld fans will come in handy to help beat the heat. 

Using a portable fan while walking around or waiting in line will be heavenly! 

Be sure to look for portable fans that are rechargeable that way you can avoid having to carry extra batteries around but just make sure you remember to charge them each night. 

Autograph Book

Autograph Books are a great way to keep and cherish the memories you made at the park forever. When you meet each character they will sign your autograph book for you. Adding an autograph book to your Walt Disney World Packing List can save you money and time once you enter the park. 

Walt Disney World Packing List
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Just a simple journal with blank pages works well. I like keeping a blank page beside each autograph so I can go back and print a photo to add later! 


Disney has so many Penny Machines scattered around each park which makes the perfect souvenir at a low cost! 

Walt Disney World Packing List

Simply grab a small container like a pill bottle or the mini candy container and start collecting all your loose change. 

Now you have 12 must-have items to include on your Walt Disney World Packing List. Share other great must have ideas in the comments.

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