Waikiki: Perfect for First Stop in Hawaii

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At first you might think of Hawaii as a destination for honeymooners or that trip you save up for after the kids have gone to school. But we discovered that Hawaii, and Waikiki specifically, is an ideal family vacation destination.

  • City life. Waikiki offers a busy city life full of shopping, shows, galleries and great places to eat. outrigger_waikiki_shoppingYou may have planned your trip to Waikiki to enjoy the beach but sometimes you feel like a little more action. Maybe you want to do some shopping; Waikiki offers local retailers as well as well known chains. Perhaps you’re looking to get out for a fun evening; you’ll find a great selection of restaurants and shows steps away from your hotel. We found some great beach front restaurants as well as some lunch options for under $10.
  • Safe streets. Like any city the streets can get busy during the day and night; however we felt completely comfortable walking the streets with our kids, even in the evenings. Police patrol the streets on foot and are very approachable, talking to store clerks and pedestrians. Street vendors and store front sellers aren’t aggressive and in your face meaning you can window shop or walk on by without being hassled.
  • Sandy beaches. Waikiki beach stretches for miles offering you sandy shores for sun bathing or sand castle building; shallow waters for wading, splashing and boogie boarding; nice waves for those wanting to try out surfing for the first time or keep in practice. The portion of beach outside our hotel, Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, was sandy on the bottom making it perfect for little toes.
  • Accommadation options. Whether you’re looking for budget accommodations walking distance from the beach, a condo to rent or deluxe beach front hotel, you’ll find it within Waikiki. We stayed right on the beach at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, at hotel I would most certainly stay at again, but even the Outrigger has varying accommodations within the city.

Waikiki offers a nice transition from city life to a tropical vacation. If you’re looking for a more secluded retreat, there are many tours you can take to natural reserves or over to more secluded islands.

For our first trip to Hawaii, Waikiki was the perfect destination, giving us the comfort and familiarity of city life with a wonderful balance of Hawaiian culture, beach and doing nothing in the sun.

Sharing is Caring!