Travel App: Custom Photo Postcards

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Planning a family vacation is a little easier with all the travel apps available to you now. There are travel apps for the weather, travel apps for booking your hotel, travel apps for finding a place to eat. Canada Post’s app, though not deemed specifically for travel, is the perfect app to have on hand during your next family vacation.

The Canada Post app does a lot of things: travel_app_photo_postcardpostal code look-up, finding the nearest post office, even tracking a package. But what makes this app a cool travel add is the picture postage section. Within the Picture Postage section of the Canada Post app, you can choose between creating a photo stamp or creating a photo postcard.

That’s right, you can create and send a custom photo postcard!

You can take a new photo or select one from the photo gallery on your phone. Once you’ve selected or taken the photo to use on the front of your postcard, you are given the option to crop the image if you wish (like to remove the stranger standing to the side of your image) and then you can write your message on the back. The app tells you how many lines you have left to write on so there’s no worry about writing too much and it getting cut off (it shows you a rough layout as to how it will look on the back of the card too). I love how you can add recipients from your contact list versus manually typing in all of the address information (though you do have the option of manually typing in an address to if needed). And you can send the same postcard to multiple people with just a few clicks of a button. The only thing this app is missing is the option to preview the front of the card. We used a horizontal image but I’d be curious to see how a vertical shot prints.

The cost of sending one of these custom photo postcards with the Canada Post app is $2.45 Cdn., anywhere in the world!

travel_app_photo_postcard_appAt the cottage fishing and want to send a picture with your child’s big catch to nana and gramps in the city? $2.45 Cdn

Vacationing in Australia and your kids want to send a picture of themselves with the kangaroos to their best friend back home? $2.45 Cdn

Postcards are a great way to share a vacation moment with those back home or just to record a moment that will be behind you soon enough. The photo quality of the image is good, printed on similar quality paper as standard postcards, and there’s no unexpected writing on the front of your postcard to cover the image. And with other cool photo apps like Labelbox, you can customize your photo even more before brining it into the Canada Post app.

Forget the generic, store bought post cards of the museum or aquarium. Instead, send a picture of the family experiencing the museum or feeding fish at the aquarium, for the same cost (even less) than if you bought and sent a postcard the traditional way. Plus you don’t need to worry about finding a stamp or a post box to mail them; it’s all done right from your phone.

The Canada Post app, which is free, is definitely a travel app I’ll be using this summer.

Sharing is Caring!