The Pajama Party at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

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Here at EverythingMom, we love to feature fantastic travel destinations for the whole family.

But there comes a time when mama needs a getaway from the everyday.  For just a couple days, she needs time to be without the kids and the husband and the dog and the cleaning, and the work and the daily drudge.  A time to reconnect with what makes her tick.  A time to fill her tank so that she can show up for everyone, loving from a deeper ocean rather than a depleted tank.

Imagine a weekend that you can have your way with.  One that includes inspiration, empowerment, relaxation, luxurious pampering and belly laughs like you’ve not had since your 8th grade sleepover (in which no one slept).

Enter The Pajama Party at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, AB.

My treasured pal and MomEsteem mentor, Dr. Trina Read was speaking at this year’s event and invited me to come along with her.  Now, I am in the middle of a re-launch and crazy busy, and if, like me, you would have thrown out the “I am way too busy to take time for myself let alone time away from my family” guilt card (aren’t we all card-carrying members?).  But, I am learning that I need this time.  My family, my friends, my business all need me to take this time to re-fuel to be able to offer anything of meaning.

Plus, hanging out with Trina tops my list of glorious escapes.  Oh, and (ahem) she’s a Sex Expert, so anytime she wants to do anything with me, my husband rushes me out the door with my bags already packed.

So, I went.

And I had the time of my life.

First of all, the drive from Banff to Jasper (the Icefields Parkway) has been rated the most scenic drive in the world.  It was a bit icy, and Trina, who touts her Saskatchewan winter driving experience, was a pro at the wheel.  So I got my gawking on.

I marveled at God’s paintbrush work magical strokes along the entire drive.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and those frozen waterfalls sparkled like 10,000 crystals hanging from the sun itself.

Jasper Park LodgeIf you have never experienced the Fairmont Luxury, you must find a way to plump yourself in their lap.  The details, service, food and ambiance are all key to their reputation for excellence. 

I hate winter.  And I live in Calgary.  Uh huh.  Oh, those Mexican beaches are calling my name… 

Where was I?

Right.  Winter.  I fell in love (a temporary insanity kind) with winter again at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.  Watching families toboggan, skate around the lake, warm their bodies around the outdoor fire then come in to play the piano with the remarkable dude who invites all the little ones to come play with him?  Well, that was magical.  Everyone drinks the winter Kool-Aid here at JPL and how can they not with their postcard majestic snow covered mountains, shimmery trees, happy skiers and warm, luxurious interiors.  If you are going to do winter, this is definitely the place to do it up right.

But inside at the Pajama Party, that’s where things really heat up!

Pajama PartyThis year, they had some of my fave ladies speaking.  Erin from Co-op Wine & Spirits, Julie from Dinner with Julie, and of course, Trina.

The laughter that filled my belly and my soul that weekend was just the nourishment I was looking for.  Surely the company you keep is a big part of it, but The Pajama party transports you to this magical place as if you were 8 years old again. They start out the weekend with everyone dancing around in their PJs, jumping on beds and feeling like you really could care less about anything than having fun in this very moment.

Everyone lets go of Everything.  Just for one weekend.

Helene & Lisa, the founders of The Pajama Party, bring together dynamic speakers, delicious food and let loose entertainment.  There is zero stress.  No one feels like it is an event where you need to be someone or act a certain way or spout your “klout”.  Everyone is just there.  Having fun.  Being themselves, not their business or their brand or their blog.  They are there to simply relax and have fun.  Lots and lots of fun and giggles.

They dance, eat, connect, laugh, share, learn and THEN they go home rejuvenated.

At least I did.  And am I glad I dropped my guilt card in the trash and just did something for me.  I gave myself permission to take time out to laugh (a lot), relax and connect.  Because everyone around us benefits when do just that.

Sharing is Caring!

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