Support Education While on Vacation

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Sharing is Caring!

Many vacation destinations for families exist in developing countries. Even if you never leave the resort it can be obvious driving through neighbourhoods and communities that the living conditions are very different than at home. Don’t hide this fact from your kids but instead use it as an opportunity to show kindness and support education.

While you’re packing your swimsuit and flip flops, encourage your kids to add supplies to their luggage to benefit local community schools. The organization Pack for Purpose has a number of school programs around the world, looking for general supplies and equipment for schools.

To inspire you, here are a few items your kids will love to share that are easy to pack.

Packing with Purpose to Support Education on Your Next Vacation


Flashcards and solar calculators are great. I also love these double-sided wipe off mats for kids, enabling them to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They sit flat at the bottom of your luggage with a pack of crayons so they don’t take up much room.

kindness travel packing with purpose math supplies image

For a more hands-on experience for younger kids, I love these individual number puzzles. The wooden construction of these puzzles means they’ll withstand a lot of play. A single deck of cards is great for learning games like Clock or try a collection of classic card games as another way to work on math skills.


Young kids can learn alphabet skills with these letter puzzles or these spelling puzzles both made from sturdy wood construction.

travel education kindness packing with purpose reading materials

Older kids can practice their creative writing but combining writing and drawings on this storytelling paper pad slipped into your bag. Add these fashion sticker collection pad as an easy way to build story visuals.


Anatomy learning mats (like placemats) area easy enough to slip in your bag. This double-sided human anatomy floor puzzle may be a little trickier to fit into your bag but it will be a fun way for kids to discover the skeletal system as well as the internal organs and circulatory system.

travel education kindness packing with purpose anatomy materials


Even just providing a collection of various art supplies will be greatly received, like coloured chalk, poster paint, coloured construction paper, scissors, and markers.

travel education kindness packing with purpose art material


Play brings its own sense of learning. Some fun play ideas can include a magnifying glass for exploring the often hidden world around them. Maybe a few bubble wand bottles to blow and chase in the school yard. A game of kick ball is often popular (though it may be one of the bulkier items to pack). Even activity cones can be used for makeshift games or obstacle courses. All in the name of having fun.

travel kindness pack with purpose education play materials

These are just a few ideas of items you can slip into your luggage on your next family vacation. We often take for granted the resources we have available to ourselves. Pack for Purpose provides a way we can benefit others and is another great example of kindness for our kids to follow.

Sharing is Caring!

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