Stolen Moments at Damara Day Spa in Saskatoon

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When was the last time you took an hour that was purely for yourself and your well-being?

This is what I was pondering, as I lay in a quiet room, enjoying the first real break I’ve had in a long time. Too many days of quick showers crammed into busy schedules, late nights and early mornings.But with work that is important to me, and two kids I adore, I’m sometimes at a loss as to how to change it.damara_day_spa_review

Let’s go back to that quiet room. I was recently invited to review the brand new Damara Day Spa at the Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon, and was treated to a Customized Comfort Zone Spa Facial. What a beautiful spot for a spa! We all know the Bessborough, and how it overlooks our beautiful river in such a grand way.

I was graciously welcomed to the spa by their lead esthetician Tara, and was offered a chair in a quiet nearby room in which to fill out a questionnaire. Everything was quiet and serene, and I felt relaxed as soon as I sat down.

Next I got settled in a warmed bed in a private room, and spent some time with Tara discussing my skin. We talked about my concerns, my challenges, and she took the time to do a skin analysis on me before beginning any treatment. It was a great opportunity to hear what she thought after an objective look at my skin, but I did have a few questions, which she answered thoroughly. A true professional, she didn’t flinch when I confessed to cleaning off my makeup with baby wipes at the end of each day (at least I don’t sleep in it, right, busy moms?)

Once we were done, she came up with a plan of what she wanted to do for me, and took me through it before beginning. I agreed, and she set to work. My skin was thoroughly cleansed, then treated to supplements and products that felt rich as they were applied. Several times she used cool or hot towels to cover my skin to help it absorb a product, and she was very careful to apply them with caution – I never felt the temperature was too extreme. I also opted for an AHA Chrono Reverser (a gentle peel with fruity acids and Vitamin C), and felt comfortable trying it only because of reassurances she provided. I have sensitive skin, and she was able to tell me what it would feel like, and how long it would feel a certain way, which was comforting. I was very pleased.

The warmed bed was perfect because it can be easy to get a touch chilled between steps. When we got to a part of the facial where a cool towel was used, Tara added a soft blanket on top just as I became aware of needing it. How nice to have it anticipated and provided before I needed to ask.

When we were done, I was left completely relaxed, barely able to remember anything that would normally have been racing in my brain. My skin felt deeply nourished and supple – I kept wanting to touch it, to feel the difference. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I’m sure I saw skin I hadn’t seen in five years. But just as precious to me was the feeling that I had finally stopped all the rushing, the caring for others, the worrying and just…breathed.

The most surprising thing wasn’t that I felt relaxed and refreshed – I expected a lovely visit, and they outdid themselves, certainly. But what amazed me was what was filling my brain while I took the time to myself. I wasn’t thinking about everyone else, and what I needed to do. I was thinking of things I could do to look after myself more. I was learning about the health of my skin, and how I can care for it, and myself in the years to come. And I was feeling inspired to do better for myself, to provide that care.

I’m already looking over the information I brought home, and I know I’ll be returning to Damara Spa. Is it silly to think that I should work a few of these luxuries into my budget at this time of year? I say no. Our gut reaction is too often to dismiss spending money on the things that will make us feel and look better, while we give ourselves free rein to shop for other things that will just fill our closets or homes.

My afternoon escape drew to a peaceful close as I left the spa. I walked out into the crisp air, and drove home along the river, breathing easy all the way.

Thank you to the folks at the Damara Day Spa for arranging my Custom Comfort Zone Spa Facial for the purpose of this review.

Author Jen Taylor

Sharing is Caring!

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