Sparkling Hill Resort: A Review

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Our family has recently moved to the heavenly Okanagan Valley. One of the very best things about this corner of the world being a skip hop and a jump to nearly everything our heart desires. From outstanding wineries and fresh farm produce, to sandy beaches and mossy trails, and not to mention the glorious climate with its mild winters. (Sorry, Calgary friends.)

But one of the most luxurious gifts that the valley offers it’s residents is the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC.

The world raves about it, and Kelowna residents are no exception. My best friend and I have been planning a trip there for a while, but a group of Calgary pals beat us to it.

The problem? It was smack dab in the middle of a move. If I had my way, a week at this glorious resort would be perfect. (Talk about first world problems!) My friends stayed for 3 nights while I soaked up every minute of my one night stay.

So this place? Is everything MelissaMerryHeatherKylaLeslieBrooke, Erin, LyndsayJo-Anna and Catherine says it is and more. Like everything, until you actually experience it, you can never fully appreciate the effect it will have on you.

But I’m going to do my best to walk you through what an experience of Sparkling Hill Resort would be like, you know, if YOU went. Because you totally should GO.


Sparkling Service


From the moment you arrive, you are met with exceptional services and smiles. Here are a few things that set Sparkling Hill Resort apart in terms of service:

    • Complimentary wifi throughout the resort – this came in very handy for Instagraming the heck out of the place. How can you NOT share it?
    • Complimentary valet parking (they even plopped a couple of complimentary water bottles in your drink holders for your drive home).
    • Staff are everywhere but you never seem to see them. If you have a question, they suddenly appear ready to help with a fresh towel or helpful answers.


Sparkling Decor

Drenched in 3.5 Million Crystal features, this European inspired luxury resort whisks you away into a waterfall of Swarovski Crystals at every glance. Luxurious. Crystals. Everywhere.

sparkling hill resort 2 review

Sparkling Rooms


If it weren’t for KurSpa, I would never want to leave my room. The beds are like soft, warm, cotton clouds that float along the sky surrounded with mountains and oh-that-lake.

sparkling hill rooms

Let’s talk about the tub. Oh, the tub with the view. To be able to soak in that view, the blinds need to be open, yes? And yes, people CAN see in the window. Here’s my thoughts. It’s completely worth it to risk a quick naked hop into the top to be able to enjoy the view. After you are in the tub, no one can see anything except your head. That is IF they happen to be looking while they are out on their hike. But hey, I’m a risk taker. 🙂

sparkling hill tub

Speaking about the views, I could sit in those chairs and contemplate the meaning of everything and come up with the best answers, I’m sure. The energy of this place brings such a deep sense of grounding clarity that leaves you feeling you can take on the world with gusto.

Sparkling Spas


Soaking in the steams were an intensely sensual for me. I brought my meditation practice into the rooms with me and wow. Every one of my senses came rolling awake and my heart expanded so much so that I felt it could hold anything that came at it. I was able to breathe deeply, feeling completely rooted in peace and wellness. I felt fully alive and connected to everything. It was indescribable, truly.

There are three dry saunas and three steam saunas along with an “Aqua meditation” room and an “Igloo” room to transition you along your journey. My favourites were the Crystal, Rose and Salt Steams rooms.

As remarkable as the steams and saunas are, I have to say my favourite was the Tropical Rain Shower. Complete with the sounds of chirping birds, the scents of flowers and eucalyptus, I could stay in that shower all the live long day.

I didn’t partake in any spa services this time around because I just loved those steams + showers so much. However, a few of my friends chose massages, facials and pedicures from over 100 spa treatments offered. Clearly, I need to go back. Soon.

Sparkling Pools


Included with your resort stay is access to three pools, a hot tub and Kneipp, a water therapy walkway that alternates between hot and cold and is said to increase circulation. I found it increased my energy levels. I need to install one in my backyard. In my dreams.  I dream of this place a lot since I’ve returned to my reality.

The outdoor infinity pool has the most spectacular view overlooking the lake and mountain valley. It’s impossible not to feel completely relaxed here.

sparkling hill pool


Sparkling Food


A complimentary breakfast buffet is included with your stay at Sparkling Hill. And it.is.to.die.for. My favourite part was the juice. And the fact that you can eat in your robe.

The resort also offers a fine dining option for dinner at the PeakFine restaurant, or for a more casual option, you can choose Barrique and Java. We chose the later and it was delicious.

sparkling hill juice


Sparkling Wellness

Sparkling Hill Resort is geared 100% to your wellness. Beyond the spas, steams and saunas, you can also sign up for a variety of wellness packages. I have my heart on the Cleanse & Detox package.

Sparkling Relaxation


When not in the steam rooms, my tub or my bed, I spent a considerable amount of time in the Serenity Room and the Tea Room. The Serenity room is meant for silent contemplation complete with warm snuggly blankets and, yes again, that view. The tea room invites quiet conversation and delicious warm tea to hydrate you after your stint in the steams.

sparkling hill tea room


Sparkling Deals

Here’s the best part. There’s DEALS! I’m not gonna lie, this place is luxury at it’s finest and although the rates are extremely well priced for the value you receive, it can still be a bit of a stretch for some. So, I’m going to tell you where to find the best deals.

>> Sign up for their newsletter, they are always sending out special offers for their subscribers.

>> GetintheLoop.ca has partnered with Sparkling Hill Resort with special offers for Loop Members.

>> You can also enter to win your very own spa trip to Sparkling Hill over at FamilyFun Canada!


Thank you to Sparkling Hill Resort for hosting my visit, I can’t wait to go back!  Professional photos courtesy of Sparkling Hill, the others via my blissed out self.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to visit Sparkling Hills resort for a long time! it’s so close to where we live in Vancouver, making it a perfect long weekend couples getaway. Thanks for the inspiration.

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