Sleepover at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel Toronto

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Why does it feel that our kids grow-up overnight? My oldest, a freshly minted teen, seems to have moved away from home manicures and family movies. I’m not ready for her to grow-up too fast so as a way to hold on to some of the little girl I know I planned a sleepover at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel.

I know I often talk about family travel but just as there are benefits to getting away with your partner, sometimes spending one-on-one time with your kids is important too. Find something that appeals to your child, whether it’s grabbing a bucket of popcorn and catching the latest blockbuster in the theatre, spending the afternoon playing video games non-stop or maybe going to get your nails done (Ten Spot have discounted manicure time for little kids). For my oldest it’s about doing grown-up things. She’s done the manicure treat and loved it but heading out to a fancy hotel for a sleepover had her excited for weeks beforehand.

The SoHo Metropolitan is located right downtown, around the corner from the entertainment district, so before checking in we decided to grab a late lunch. Looking for something fun and casual we stopped in at Walburgers, the first and only one open in Canada. I was surprised at how busy it was when we arrived between the traditional lunch and dinner crowd but we are talking downtown. Don’t let the small entrance deceive you; you’ll find plenty of seating on two levels and the garage door window opens the place up onto the busy life of the city.

Family Travel Wahlburgers Toronto

I am the type of person who looks up restaurant menus online before hand so I knew I had to order the Thanksgiving Day (listed as Mark’s choice). Made with fresh ground turkey, stuffing, orange cranberry sauce, roasted butternut squash and mayo, my inner holiday self just couldn’t pass it up. The burgers and sandwiches come on their own so I topped up my order with a poutine to share with my daughter. The burger was a little on the small size but still filling and boy did it taste like Thanksgiving. I was pleased to see cheese curds used on the poutine especially after my daughter’s Melt came with what looked and tasted like liquid American cheese. I’m still surprised restaurants use this.

Family Travel Toronto Wahlburgers Thanksgiving Burger

We capped off our meal with a couple of Frappes, mine Cookie and my daughter’s Chocolate. You could taste the real milk whipped in these dessert treats. My daughter made note of the take-out counter at the back of the restaurant for a late night poutine run though I did discover later that guests at the SoHo Metropolitan could order from the Wahlburgers menu as part of room service. No need to head downstairs in our PJs.

Family Travel Wahlburgers Lunch (1)

Around the corner we found the entrance to the SoHo with its lobby seating that extended into the Sen5es Bakery Cafe (also part of the hotel’s room service menu). On the left was the richly designed Luckee Restaurant and Bar.

A quick elevator ride up to the third floor we entered our room. I loved that the bedroom area was far removed from the door past a dressing area and spacious bathroom. The bedroom itself was rather roomy too for just the two of us with the floor to ceiling window offer the view from the bed.

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan Room

The first thing we did was checkout the TV because that’s what you do when you’re away at a sleepover and don’t have to juggle show selection for the younger siblings. Thanks to the SoHo Hotel and Sen5es we enjoyed channel surfing while nibbling on a collection of delicious macaroons too.

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan senses Macaroons

My daughter spent hours in our room’s spacious bathroom, enjoying her favourite LUSH bath products in the deep soaker tub while catching up on NETFLIX. I enjoyed the main room TV all to myself.

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan Soaker Tub

After the turndown service it was time for a little spa treatment. My daughter and I filled our wine glasses with ice water (thanks to housekeeping) and tried not to laugh too much when applying our Pai Skincare deep cleaning face mask in the bathroom. The large vanity was great but it was the heated floor I loved.

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan Spa Fun (1)

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan Sleepover Snacks

We enjoyed a healthy meal of chocolate and Cheetos, caught the PanAm closing fireworks show off the CN Tower right from our room window and watched TV into the wee morning hours.

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Our short night was only disturbed by our scheduled wake-up call. In hindsight I wish I had set the TV to wake us up, something I didn’t discover you could do until the next day. It wasn’t until I stepped into the large glass rain shower that I was truly awake, just in time for our room service breakfast.

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan Toronto Shower (1)

Thankfully the hotel staff was able to decipher my notes on the back of the breakfast room service card as everything arrived as ordered, nice and hot. With a murder mystery located on the TMC channel, my daughter and I enjoyed a quiet moment of eggs, toast and tea. No need to make the bed, make breakfast or rush out to do anything. Perfect!

Family Travel SoHo Metropolitan Breakfast In Bed

We didn’t do much during our SoHo Metropolitan Hotel sleepover but that was the point. Having a spacious room (and bathroom) to hangout and be silly in, followed by breakfast in bed was just what this mother daughter duo needed. If you’re looking for a fun night out to bond with your tween or teen try booking a sleepover in the city. The SoHo in Toronto offers the perfect grown-up sleepover escape.

Thanks to the folks at the SoHo Metropolitan Toronto for hosting us for this experience.

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