Royalton Riviera Cancun Means Luxury and Relaxation for the Whole Family

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Getting away with the family can help everyone recharge but planning a trip that appeals to everyone can be stressful. Will my kids avoid feeling bored? Will the food appeal to everyone’s varied taste buds and live up to my high expectations? Will I actually get some vacation time instead of making sure everyone else is happy? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these thoughts as they submit their credit card number for the big family trip. Unlike past travels, I decided to look into an all-inclusive destination, with Sunwing Vacations as a way to give everyone a vacation, including myself.

Sunwing Vacations has a number of signature resorts exclusive just to them depending on your travel needs, such as the more value oriented Starfish Hotels & Resorts, Memories Resorts & Spa, and the higher end Royalton Luxury Resorts. I had the opportunity to visit the newest addition, the Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa.

Room for the Family

As a family of five I’m always on the lookout for resorts with larger rooms and many of the rooms available within the Royalton Riviera Cancun are designed with families in mind offering pull-out couches and even a family suite.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Room View

I loved my spacious Diamond Club Luxury Junior Suite and even put together this short room tour to give you a peek:

As a resort that is making efforts to go green, all hotel information usually found printed in the room is now accessible through the television and it’s even personalized to me. It’s the little things. Having the luxury of checking in from the privacy and comfort of my own room was a nice Diamond Club perk too.

Family Travel Sunwing Royaton Cancun Room Features (1)

Food to Appeal to Everyone

I might as well get it out in the open. One of my biggest concerns about going to an all-inclusive resort, and the reason we haven’t visited many, has to be the food quality or my perception of food quality. Visions of food containers sitting under the red heat lamp glow filled my head; not very appealing. I was assured that food wasn’t an issue at the Royalton Riviera with its 8 reservation-free al a carte restaurants and one international buffet so of course the first thing I did was sit down to eat after checking-in.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Dinner

I didn’t get a chance to visit all of the restaurants on my visit but the ones I did visit impressed me in both food quality and presentation. The staff was always a pleasure; quick to address food allergies, make food and drink suggestions, or answer any questions. You can read more about my dining experience at the Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

The kids’ splash pool is bound to impress kids and parents. We have stayed at a few resorts with an interactive pool area for kids, like Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys, but nothing has yet to compare to the splash pool I discovered at the Royalton Riviera Cancun. It’s actually quite big with slides, climbing structures, fountains and bridges accessible from zero entry pools. The pool area goes a step further to separate the toddler and preschooler area from the slightly older kids, joining them by some fun waterslides.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Kids Pools

I put together a quick video taking you through some of the various pools available to families at the Royalton Riviera Cancun:

The activity pool is right next door for older family members who are interested in some organized games and competitions. The loungers surrounding the pools give you the perfect vantage point to observe your child’s play without getting wet.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Kids Club

If you’re looking to lounge by the beach or visit the spa without the crazy kid energy, the Royalton Riviera offers both a kids club and teen club at no cost. Plus your little summer travelers can join in on Sunwing Vacation’s Summer Camps by the Sea where they can participate in scavenger hunts with Max and Ruby, sing karaoke around the camp fire, maybe try their hand a learning new skills in a cooking class. It’s all part of your all-inclusive fun, no additional fees required.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Teen Club (1)

A Break for Mom & Dad

Hanging out at the pool with the kids can be fun. As a Diamond Club guest you have access to the splash, activity pool and various pools located throughout the property but you also enjoy your own private swimming oasis. Spread the whole gang out on a pool bed and enjoy your butler service. I especially like the mini safes located by your lounger so you can instagram your favourite moments and lock the phone away before going for a swim.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Diamond Club Pool

Pools are great fun but I love to hear the sounds of the waves and feel the ocean breeze on my skin, all accessible by a walkway from the various pool areas. The fact that the Royalton Riviera Cancun is the first to build in this area means the beach is practically all yours (well all the Royalton guests). I especially enjoyed the Diamond Club perk of having our own beach area with butler service.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Beach

You’ll also find an onsite disco and casino if you are looking to enjoy some adult time together but my absolute favourite “me time” moment has to be a visit to the resort’s spa. Each service includes two-hours using the hydrotherapy pools with head massage but honestly the pools alone are worth the visit (and can be booked on their own). What a blissful moment on your own.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Spa Waters

They do offer couple treatment rooms if you wanted to enjoy some time with your partner or maybe a mom and daughter moment. I loved visiting the spa after an adventurous day cave swimming, one of the many excursions offered by the on-site Nexus tour group.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Spa (1)

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Spa Treatment

Added Luxury with a Diamond Club Upgrade

The Royalton Riviera Cancun has the ability to make all its guests feel welcome as soon as you step into the spacious and airy ocean front lobby but for a little added luxury you might want to consider the Diamond Club. There are so many perks for being a Diamond Club guest but some of my favourites have to be:

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Cancun Welsome

Separate check-in and easy checkout – After you’re greeted with a chilled towel and refreshing drink your personal butler will take you to your room to handle your check-in. No lines. No crowds. Now that’s the way to start a vacation. Checking out is easy too in the private lounge area where you can enjoy light snacks and drinks while finalizing details.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Cancun Diamond Club Lounge2

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Cancun Diamond Club Lounge5

Your own personal butler – I’ll be honest, I didn’t use my personal butler often during my stay beyond in-room check-in but it was nice to have someone I could call for special requests like preparing the Jacuzzi tub on my balcony for after dinner.

Restaurant reservations – Although the Royalton Riviera Cancun’s al-a-cart restaurants don’t require reservations, if you plan to dine during popular dinner hours you could wait a bit for your table (especially larger families). Being able to have a table put on hold when you have kids on a schedule is a huge perk as a Diamond Club guest. And you’ll want to enjoy as many of the great dining options as possible.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Dining Restaurant

Exclusive areas – During our visit the resort was at high capacity but it never felt over crowded in anyway. It was still nice to escape to an exclusive pool area (with a swim-up bar, butler service, and lounge-side lock boxes for personal items) as well as a private beach area. Even our rooms were in a separate building away from the action (and noise). There was even the Dimond Club Lounge where you could enjoy continental breakfast or even drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Cancun Diamond Club Lounge1

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Cancun Diamond Club Lounge4

These are just a few of the perks I enjoyed but the Diamond Club offers guests so many other privileges.

A Resort and More

With eleven spectacular pools, a lovely beach plus food and drink galore, it’s easy to see how you can enjoy your whole holiday without leaving the resort but I like to mix in a little adventure and cultural fun too. The Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa exclusive tour partner, NexusTours.com, has an onsite office to help you plan an off-site adventure. We tried a little cave swimming and even visited some of Mexico’s archeological sites. Getting out and discovering a little about the community and country you are visiting should be part of the adventure and of course enjoying a visit at the spa when you return makes the experience that much sweeter.

Family Travel Sunwing Royalton Riviera Cancun Nexus Tour

My visit to the Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa was short but it did one important thing. It proved to me that a family vacation could mean a vacation for me too at the right destination. It also proved that not every all-inclusive resort is the same and some do take food expectations seriously. I can’t wait to plan a visit someday and bring my whole family so they can experience the fun and luxury first hand.

My trip was provided for the purpose of this review though the opinions expressed are purely my own.

Sharing is Caring!

31 thoughts on “Royalton Riviera Cancun Means Luxury and Relaxation for the Whole Family”

  1. Hi! I’m considering the property for April break with three kids – 6, 10, 12. We went to Iberostar last year and they would take them to dinner if you wanted an adult meal… Is this an option at Royalton? (I saw you mentioned dinner and a movie… but actually taking them to a buffet/ restaurant?)

  2. Hi! I read that kids drop off was age 4 and up….I have a daughter who is 2 but looks and acts like a 4 year old. You think they would make an exception? lol or are they really strict? I would love a break from my 4 and 2 year old but if I can’t drop them both off, that would not be fair.

  3. hi! i have some picky children when it comes to food. Were there many options for everyone at most restaurants?

    • Hi Sarah, I really loved the main buffet for kids. The section was smaller and kid-size and full of fun classics. Even adults could be found in this area. The restaurants are themed so that helps when trying to figure out dining based on a food interest. The Italian place offered lovely pizza which can be a kids pleaser. I thought the food was varied at all the restaurants. It depends on what your child likes. The only place we were too keen on was the steakhouse but my kids are very pick about their meat. Hope that helps a little.

  4. Hi Carrie. My wife and I were going to Varadero in 2 weeks but as everyone knows, irma changed all that. I found this resort and it looked incredible. We dont have anyone with us but love to just lay back , enjoy the scenery ,drinks and food. We booked the diamond club oceanview suite. for that very reason. is it best to pre book tables for meals and i had heard the DC lounge was on the other side of the resort. Also that there wasnt really a DC beach but just a beach that every one uses. thx

    • Sorry to hear your original plans got changed Dave but glad you stumbled upon the Royalton. It’s perfect even if you’re going without kids. I liked the option of being able to reserve a table at the restaurants though I don’t think you can do that until you arrive. You can take care of that within the Diamond Club lounge (it’s off the main entrance and closer to the few stores on site). And yes, the separate beach area is nice too. Did you see our pool and beach highlight video? https://youtu.be/njs0RKiZrL4

      Have an amazing time! And thanks for leaving the comment.

  5. Hi Carrie,
    Was the kids club drop-off for kids ages 4-5? And if so, do you recall the hours by any chance? Would love to be able to enjoy an evening or two kid-less in addition to some pool time too, ha. Thanks!

    • Hi Yelena,

      The kid’s club is a drop-off for 4 to 12 year olds so yes that gives you some pool (or spa) time. I think they sometimes run evening programs too, giving kids dinner and a movie, so parents can enjoy one of the restaurants on their own. I love vacationing with my kids, but I love having time to myself too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Carrie – Your info has been so helpful. One question though…when you say Diamond Club access provides secluded pools etc, is it true though that children are NOT permitted in those areas? Our kids are only 7 and 11 and we won’t be leaving their side at any point. So just still wondering if the upgrade to Diamond Club is worth it.

    • Hi Jenna,

      Oh no, kids are more then welcome in the Diamond Club pools if your family is staying in a Dimond Club room. You won’t find as many kids and the activity pool and water slides for younger kids can be found in the main pool area but kids are most certainly welcome.

      The Hideaway section of the resort is adult only and they have their own pools just for adults but you’ll have plenty of choice with the other pools. Good question. Did you see the pool tour video in the post? Excited about your visit. You’ll have to let me know if you liked it.

  7. We are heading in March and I loved seeing your blog and videos! We booked diamond club but not a swim. Was it weird that someone from another room could swim by or are they blocked off under the water?

    • It’s true, the swim up rooms are one large pool that stretches across all the rooms on that side of the building Sarah. There is not division. On our trip we never encountered any outside in the pool when we were there so we didn’t have any of those moments ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi, do you think the swim-out option is worth it? We are a family of 5. (Ages 9-15yrs)
    It is a pricey upgrade but I dont want to regret not booking it, in theory it seems like a very cool option. Any thoughts, I’d appreciate it.

  9. We are booked at the Royalton for February with my kids ages 3, 7, 9, 11 in the Diamond Club . I’ve noticed that’ it’s further away from all the activities and kids pool. I’m wondering if the DC amenities are worth it for us or if we are better getting a Swim out suite closer to he action (same price)? What do you think is a better way to go for a family with smaller kids?

    • Hi Jamie,

      I may have addressed your questions on our YouTube video page but just in case. It’s true, the Diamond Club is further away from the main pool and splash pool but easy to get to. I liked the flexibility to return to a quieter area or visit a less crowded pool for a break. The swim out pool was a nice option but it is fairly deep (4 feet I believe) so it may be limiting for smaller kids. Hope that helps a little. Have an amazing time! I wish I was heading back. This is my favourite all-inclusive so far.

  10. Hi Carrie Anne on some pictures the sea looks beautiful and some dirty how bad is it? This is our 4th time to Mexico and the beaches/sea have been beautiful last year we stayed at the Rui Palace and there was lots of seaweed but once you got pasted it it was lovely to swim in!

    • Hi Lisa, I heard 2015 was a tough year for seaweed in Mexico. It really depends on how on top of it the staff can be. One day it was a pile edging the water and another day the staff took it away by tractor. You are right though, if there is seaweed it tends to be right near the water entry. Get past that it the water is fine. Hope that helps.

  11. Hi, loved your blog and the videos. Looking to book the hotel for our vacation w/a 3 year old in August. I love the splash pool area. Do you think this would be a good resort to bring my wife and son. It seems a lot of the other resorts are farther away.

    • Hi Ryan, you are correct in that the Royalton is pretty much all by itself. I loved that aspect that we had the whole beach to ourselves versus other resorts nearby but I know other guests enjoy having access to more resorts around them. That’s a personal choice. As for the resort itself, I loved the size and variety. Even with it almost completely booked on our visit, it never felt over crowded. And yes, that splash pool is pretty amazing!. Thanks for your comment.

  12. Hi,
    What were the hours for the kids club? Were their other children enjoying the club? Did you use after hours babysitting to see any shows? If so, could you share the price range on them? Very helpful blog! Thanks.

    • Hi Stefani, the kids club seemed to be pretty busy when we visited. I don’t remember the hours off hand but I liked that you could sign the kids in and out based on your schedule. My kids are older so I didn’t try the off hours babysitting so I can’t help there, sorry.

  13. Hi Carrie, can you confirm if the fitness centre is free of charge and does the hotel have a sauna and steam room?

  14. Hi Carrie if it’s not too personal to ask can you give a range of how much you paid extra for the upgrade to Diamond Club? Also, amazing and informative blog love this! I have already booked for this resort in September and I am very interested in Diamond Club but I can’t seem to find an upgrade price.

    Thank you !

    • Not too personal at all Jenn (and a good question). I can’t remember exactly but I believe it worked out to about $30-40/night extra when we booked through Sunwing Vacations (so that’s spread over airfare too). Thanks for sharing your comments. Excited for you heading out to the Royalton. Could definitely use another return trip.

  15. Hello, is it worth the additional cost to upgrade my family, wife and 2 kids ages 8 & 10 top three diamond club at Royalton Riviera?
    Thank you

    • That’s really a judgement call Kyle. I didn’t use the butler often but I did like the quieter area and exclusive amenities (like making dinner reservations). I think I spend most of our time in the Diamond Club area so for us it would be something I would do again. It all comes down to your travel budget. Not sure if that helps? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. How bad were the mosquitos? What month did you go? Did you have to wear bug spray consistently and still get bit? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim. We traveled in the Spring (April/May) and I don’t remember mosquitos being an issue. Perhaps they spray. I didn’t bring or wear bug spray during my short week there. Hope that helps.

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