13 Fun Road Trip Activities

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If you’ve checked out my road trip checklist, you already know that I love road trips, especially when I prepare well! 

To me, nothing is better than getting out with my family and exploring the world together. We are in the car so much as a family, but we see the car as a fun adventure.

With the right road trip activities, though, your next trip will be an opportunity to bond and have some fun together!

My Number One Road Trip Tip

Before I share my favorite fun road trip activities, I’ve got to share my number one road trip tip!

See it as an opportunity. 

It doesn’t have to be a chore (even if it feels like it while preparing)! If you choose to make it a fun experience, your kids will love it and cherish the memories. Sometimes as a parent I get so caught up in checking my boxes during the day that I forget to just sit and enjoy the fun times with my kids.

Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids and Adults

Now for the best part about road trips: road trip car activities!

Don’t think that these activities are just for kids either. You’ll have fun doing them too!

1. 20 Questions

road trip activities
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This is our family’s go-to car game whether we are on a road trip or not. We love trying to stump each other and seeing who can come up with the silliest thing!

The great thing about 20 questions is that it’s pretty easy to understand but still fun for all ages. You could play with a toddler but have just as much fun playing as adults!

2. License Plate Game

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Another classic! Have the kids try to search for a license plate from as many states as they can. 

You can also DIY this game. I Iove the idea of printing a little US map out for each child and having them color it in as they see the different states. It’s so much fun and it keeps the kids busy!

3. Mini Scrapbook

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Grab a few little travel journals or scrapbooks for your kids to fill out as they go! Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve memories and encourage your kids to journal.

They can talk about the things they see, where you are traveling, and how they are feeling. When the trip is done you can print pictures and paste them in. It’s a great activity and a great keepsake!

4. Hour Presents

One of the best road trip activities for kids that my parents always did was “hour presents”. My parents wrapped up a little toy, trinket, book, or treat for us to open each hour of the trip. Now the tradition lives on with my kids when we travel! 

To make “hour presents”, the best thing to do is go to the dollar store and just grab a few things that will keep your kids occupied for the hour. It’s so much fun for the kids to look forward to each hour and it keeps you from having to keep coming up with entertainment options! 

5. Family Story

This is a fun one! All you do is start with “once upon a time” and then go around the car and take turns adding 3 words to a story. You make it up as you go and see how silly and fun your adventure gets!

This activity works better for older kids and adults, but you could make some adaptations for young kids. You could make the story up and let them listen, or let them jump in with their own words and test it out!

6. Alphabet find

A good simple activity is always a good idea for road trips. To play Alphabet Find, just search for the letters of the alphabet starting at A.

Have the person who finds the letter yell it out and see how fast you can get to Z. 

7. I Spy

I spy with my little eye… the best road trip car activities!

Take turns choosing something that you see outside and give little hints. The hints could be about the color, size, shape, location, etc. Whoever guesses right gets to pick something next!

8. Color Wonder

road trip activities
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Skip the mess of markers but keep the fun of coloring. Color Wonder books and pages are so great for kids to do on road trips.

There are so many fun designs and character pages to choose from. You’re sure to find something your kid loves!

9. Take pictures

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So simple but so fun. Grab a disposable camera and let the kids snap some pictures. 

I love having my kids take pictures on road trips because it’s such a fun and exciting thing for them. It also helps them fall in love with the trip and see it as an adventure. 

10. Whiteboards

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Whiteboards may just seem like an office supply to an adult, but to a kid they are like magic! They make for the perfect fun road trip activities. 

Grab a few small whiteboards and some dry-erase markers and let them have some fun coloring. They could even start a game of pictionary together!

11. Audio Books & Podcasts

road trip activities

I am becoming such a big fan of podcasts and audiobooks lately. I love hearing a good story and I’ve been surprised at how much the whole family likes listening along with me. 

Even when my husband and I have taken trips alone, we love listening to a book series in the car! Pick a great book you all love and enjoy a calm activity on the road. 

12. Would You Rather

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Confessions of Parenting has the best list of child-appropriate would-you-rather questions that would be perfect for your next fun road trip activities list!

Take turns reading from the list of questions and enjoy laughing together as you all answer. 

13. Scavenger Hunt

road trip activities
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Road trip activities for kids can be just as fun for adults, which is exactly how I feel about road trip scavenger hunts! We have some great scavenger hunt cards that are perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

Hunt and find common roadside items as you drive along and see who can find everything first! 


road trip activities

I hope you and your family love these road trip activity ideas! Let us know where you are taking your next trip in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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