ReRouting Santa Claus

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Sharing is Caring!

According to a poll from HomeAway, 84 percent of families plan to spend Christmas with family and over half (51 percent) are looking forward to sharing quality time with relatives.  If you’re planning on being away from home during the Christmas holidays, don’t forget to tell Santa and HomeAway can help.

Whenever we travel over a holiday the kids always worry about that these mythical creatures like the tooth fairy or Santa wouldn’t know they were out of town. I remember them drawing a map for the Easter Bunny when we made a trip to Mexico one year. If you’re traveling over Christmas break be sure to direct the kids to where they can inform Santa about their holiday destination.


Not to worry, no personal data is collected.

Sending the note is fun but don’t rush from the computer right away. Watch how your note is sent to Santa right away and he’ll write you back. You can save or print the reply from Santa too for your holiday collection.


I love this idea from HomeAway. Traveling over the holidays can be fun, bringing with it a sense of magic, but it can be stressful too especially if you’re staying with family.

“The research findings clearly indicate the want and need for families to be together at Christmas, but it also reveals that there are challenges that sometimes make this precious time together stressful and uncomfortable,” said Brian Sharples, CEO of HomeAway.

Accommodations near family without being on top of family plus a system for kids to let Santa know where they’ll be staying, HomeAway wants to take some of the stress out of your holiday travel plans.

Sharing is Caring!

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