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Everyone talks about how beneficial water is for our body and our health; I know I’ve certainly been trying to drink more water but what about soaking in it? I had a chance to try the Therapeutic Waters at Toronto’s Body Blitz Spa for a little health boost.

The industrial looking neighbourhood of Spa’s east end location had me anticipating the spa to myself but it was pretty busy when I arrived just before lunch on Friday. I think the extreme cold weather we’ve been having in the city might have had something to do with the other eager women attending, looking for a physical and mental reprieve.

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After filling in my personal information, required by all first time visitors to each location, I was given a quick tour, offered a pair of flip flops and provided with a locker key, ready for my midday escape. At my locker I proceeded to change into my swimsuit. As a women’s only facility, Body Blitz Spa welcomes its guests to enjoy the therapeutic waters in their birthday suit, about twenty-five percent of the women during my visit opted for this choice but I preferred my bathing suit. Skin or suit, everyone is given a robe to wear, found in your locker along with a towel and a laminated version of the spa’s water cycle. As someone who is accustomed to family swim at the public pools, I was impressed by the size of the lockers, offering plenty of room for my rather large bag, winter boots and clothes. Thankfully I’m pretty adept at changing while balancing on one foot but for others a little balance challenged there is one bench, one in the whole locker area.

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Locker key strapped to my wrist, robe on, and towel and water circuit card in hand, I proceeded to the shower area, a requirement before entering the pool deck. If you decide you don’t want to get your hair wet there are hair ties available to keep it up and out of the water. The showers are actually quiet roomy stalls separated with frosted glass to let in a lot of light without invading your privacy. Body Blitz Spa also offers complimentary body wash, shampoo, and conditioner right in each stall for guests.

From the shower area I headed across the hall onto the pool deck. You’ll find all the elements of the water circuit in one room, making it easy to move from pool to pool. Water circuit you ask? Unlike a spa that contains a hot tub or swimming pool for guests, Body Blitz Spa’s therapeutic waters are designed to boost your health through a system of various waters treatments like the Dead Sea Salt Pool and Cold Plunge Pool to the Steam and Sauna.


Most people attending seemed to follow the water circuit even if only loosely (spending less time in the Cold Plunge and more time in the Dead Sea Salt Pool). I loved the cycle of warm and cold and followed the circuit not once but twice. I kept my laminated Water Circuit card in a little cubby on the pool deck for reference but guests will also find two larger versions of the circuit posted on the pool deck walls at opposite ends of the room. By the time I was on my second circuit I had the routine memorized.

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The main pool deck, where you’ll find the Dead Sea Salt Pool, Cold Plunge Pool and the Epson Salt Pool was a little noisy for a typical spa, as friends and groups of women chitchatted away. The sound of the waterfall in the Dead Sea Salt Pool was a constant hum, dulling any neighbouring chitchat. Most women seemed to be attending with someone else, like a social outing, but I loved visiting Body Blitz Spa on my own, sinking into myself as I enjoyed each step of the water cycle.

The Steam and Sauna rooms are accessible right off of the pool deck and are listed as quiet zones. In most cases guests observed this, leaving their talk for the pool deck area. The quiet heat was only broken when the door was opened, letting in the Dead Sea Salt Pool’s rushing waterfall sounds.

After my first circuit I grabbed a lounger to rest. I had order an antioxidant juice from Body Blitz Spa’s onsite juice bar and had it delivered after my first cycle run. You could find a juice bar menu on the pool deck beside the courtesy phone should you decided last minute to grab a drink. As I sat on my large red reclining chair, drink in hand, I closed my eyes and let the pounding waterfall lull me into relaxation. I could feel my whole body tingling from the various water treatments.

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Beyond the Therapeutic Waters, the Body Bliz Spa also offers a number of spa services such as Body Scrubs, Body Muds, Messages and more. Therapists occasionally walked the pool deck to retrieve guests for their treatments. I figured out that different robes indicated guests who were there for just the waters versus those there for spa treatments. Use of the spa’s therapeutic waters is included with any spa treatment but, like me, you could enjoy the waters on their own for a fee. The Spa even offers a number of multi-visit discounts as well as a membership program.

After my rest I walked myself through the water circuit again, feeling like a pro the second time (though the Cold Plunge Pool didn’t feel any warmer). I ended my visit with a trip to the showers. Although I had worn my bathing suite during this visit, after stripping down in the shower, feeling the water over the previously clothed part of my body, I couldn’t help but wonder about the benefits involved with participating in the water circuit without my suit. Perhaps next time I’ll bring a little extra courage. I mean, I don’t know anyone so why should it matter?

Body Blitz Spa also offers a vanity area with lotion, hairdryers, seats, large mirrors and plenty of counter space. Being able to sit and dry my hair before heading out was a nice benefit.

I couldn’t believe I had spent almost two hours in Body Blitz Spa. I was so immersed in relaxing, not thinking of work or my To-Do list that I really enjoyed my time. Like a hair cut or trip to the nail salon can boost your spirit, this trip to Body Blitz Spa boosted me mentally and physically, something I needed after this oppressive winter weather.

Thanks to a bag of Epson salts from Body Blitz Spa, I can even enjoy some of the therapeutic water benefits at home. Their onsite shop makes it easy to pick-up some of your favourite treatment products to use between spa visits.

This was my first visit to The Body Blitz Spa, a bit of a treat for myself, but I can easily see how it could fit into a regular routine (especially if you visit on Tuesday where you can enjoy the water circuit at a discounted price).

Due to the premise of the spa and for the privacy of guests, no electronic devices are allowed on in the spa area and no photorgraphs can be taken. Thanks to the folks at Body Blitz Spa for the opportunity to experience their therapeutic waters and for the images included within this review.

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