Mermaids, Pirates, and Waves Waterpark for the Winter

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The cold months at the start of the year seem even colder with the holidays over and winter break so far away.  A beach vacation would be nice but it’s hard to find the time and money to get away for a week in the sun. The Americana Resort and Spa isn’t on the sunny shores but it will give you a weekend dose of fun.

Imagine being able to frolic in the water as the snow falls outside. That’s what my family experienced when we visited the Waves’ 25,000 square foot indoor waterpark located within Americana Resort and Spa’s Niagara Falls Canada location. Freezing rain, blowing snow, or chilly winds, the winter weather didn’t faze us in the always-balmy 84F heated adventure land. Some indoor waterparks and pools can feel very dark and enclosed. I loved that the glass ceiling that covered the Waves Waterpark brought the outside light in without the outside weather.

waves waterpark kids

The park isn’t huge but there was enough variety to keep my kids entertained for the whole day (and into the night). The older kids loved the waterslides especially the two tube slides. You’re plunged into darkness as you twist and turn on a single or double tube. I’ll admit, I’m a tube waterslide fan though there are two body slides accessible from the same tower. My youngest daughter was big enough to ride the two body slides, one open and one a tunnel. She preferred the mystery of the tunnel slide, not knowing where each turn was, but enjoyed the open slide too. Although my youngest daughter was big enough to ride on the tube slides with an adult, her height required that she wear a lifejacket, which are available at the front desk. She passed, content with the two body slides as well as the water play structure.

waves waterpark1

waves waterpark slides

The water play structure, located on the opposite side of the park, offers kids bridges, rope walls, and water cannons. They could get as wet as they wanted by climbing and crawling through the structure or standing under the tipping bucket, a waterpark favourite. For kids intimidated by the larger waterslides, you’ll find some tamer versions in this area.

waves waterpark structure

My kids aren’t so little anymore but for families with wee ones you’ll be pleased to see your little ones haven’t been forgotten. The infant and toddler water area located near the back of the park, past the tall tower slides, offers small waterslides, shallow water pool and even baby swings that hang over bubbling water.

The zero-entry pool in the center of the Waves Waterpark is something the whole family can use during the calm moments but I think they’ll prefer the pool more when the waves hit.  From crashing into the waves to bobbing with the movement, the kids loved hanging in the wave pool when they grew tired of walking up the waterslide tower steps. There’s a small alcove part to the pool where you’ll find basketballs and nets. I think my favourite part as a family was shooting baskets when the waves were moving. It was something we could all do together and proved to be a fun challenge.

waves waterpark pool

The general seating around the pool is limited so if you want a place to put your towels plan to arrive early. There is more seating near the snack bar area, including a second floor balcony.

You can purchase day passes to the Waves Waterpark, making it a great activity when visiting the Niagara Falls area, but we enjoyed the convenience of staying on site.

  •        Changing in our room instead of in the public change room
  •        Using towels provided to us at the waterpark versus bringing our own (or using our room towels)
  •        Enjoying a nice shower in our own room after spending time in the waterpark
  •        Visiting the waterpark various times throughout the day

That last benefit, enjoying the waterpark as often as we wanted throughout the day, was a big bonus. We were able to hit the waterpark first thing in the morning before visiting other parts of Niagara Falls during the day. Then we would hit the waterpark when we returned, before enjoying dinner. It was a great escape for everyone.

The Waves Waterpark wasn’t the only fun element to our stay. Our room was a huge hit with the kids. The Americana Resort and Spa offers standard rooms for guests but as a family we love their larger suite rooms, especially the Pirates and Mermaids Bunk Bed Suite. The suites provide a separate sleeping area with bunk beds for the kids. When we entered our Pirates and Mermaid Bunk Bed Suite, we were greeted by the parent’s space but through a separate door the kids entered the hull of a pirate ship. The beds were made out of timber, fish and mermaids peered in through portal decals on the wall and pirates were lowering a crate of monkeys into the room (very befitting). There were two sets of bunk beds in the room, giving the kids their choice in sleeping arrangements. They had their own TV with DVD player as well as their own bathroom. I don’t think we saw the kids once when we were in the room.

pirate mermaid suite1

pirate mermaid suite2

It was nice to be able to take an undisturbed shower in the morning or watch something other than cartoons at night. Having a separate kids area was like a mini-vacation during our weekend away and the kids loved the pirate and mermaid theme in their space.

Tying into the whole water theme, there is also a kid’s check-in area, just to the left of the main desk. Kids sign the ledger and then grab a scroll and some pirate booty (plastic spiders or crocodiles). The scroll led the kids on a treasure hunt, ending at the arcade area near the waterpark. It was a fun way to jump into vacation mode.

waves waterpark tresure

The Americana Resort and Spa also has a Timothy’s coffee kiosk in the lobby, a spot my husband hit every morning before starting our day. It was nice not to worry about driving around town finding the local coffee shop (an issue when you have a coffee fan in the family). After a full day enjoying Niagara Parks followed by a more time in the Waves Waterpark, we were pleased to have Jack Tanner’s Grill House and Brewing Company right inside the Americana Resort and Spa. No winter jackets or boots to put on and no driving home on a full belly. The food was pub style, which meant we could load up on wings (and beer). My youngest daughter, who had dinner off the children’s menu, loved the make-it-yourself sundae bar that came with her meal. My older two loved having the television right at the table. So it was cartoons and wings and a great way to end our night.

waves waterpark restaurant

If you’re looking for a little extra pampering, send dad to the waterpark with the kids and enjoy a massage or facial the Senses Spa located on the second floor of the Americana Resort and Spa.

The Americana Resort and Spa isn’t located right in the hubbub of downtown Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill but it’s a quick drive down (or you can use the WEGO bus system with a stop right outside the hotel). Even if you aren’t looking at doing any touristy things when visiting Niagara Falls, the Americana Resort and Spa, with it’s family suites and Waves indoor waterpark, offers enough to keep your family entertained. We even watched (and participated in) a great magic show in the lobby one evening.

Don’t spend the cold winter months counting down the days until the snow melts. A quick weekend away in the water may be easier than you think with the Waves indoor waterpark at the Americana Resort and Spa in Niagara Falls.

Thanks to the folks at Niagara Tourism and the Americana Resort and Spa for giving us the chance to visit for the purpose of this review.

Sharing is Caring!

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