Massachusetts Travel: Navigator Summer Planning Tool

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Planning a family vacation can be tough. You may know where you want to go but what to do when you’re there? There are so many options that decision-making can be a dizzying task.

The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism has developed a tool to make planning your family’s summer trip to Massachusetts easier. The Navigator site (www.massvacation.com/fun) lets your customize your trip based on what you’re looking for: adventurous family fun? Relaxing romance? Relaxing family fun in Boston?

The sliding scales and regional searches automatically repurpose a gallery of ideas for you. Rollover each image for a brief descriptions. A click brings up details with a direct link for more information. You can also share your find with friends via a facebook and twitter push if you so desire.


Most sites have planning guides based on interests but the gallery treatment makes the Navigator a fun, planning tool. All they need to do is add the option to create your itinerary based on ideas you like and your vacation planning is done, well almost.

To plan your own trip to Massachusetts this summer, visit the Navigator website at: www.massvacation.com/fun.

Sharing is Caring!

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