Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C.: Tai Pan Club Level

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The Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C. offers guests and their families a more refined hotel experience then many family-friendly hotels, but if your travel budget can afford it, the Tai Pan Club Level rooms are worth the experience. Guests staying in one of the Tai Pan Club Level rooms enjoy all the features offered to regular guests along with some additional benefits.

Mandarin Oriental Tai Pan Club Level Check-In
As a guest of the Tai Pan Club Level we were escorted right up to the eighth-floor lounge to check-in, avoiding the line-up at the front desk. In the Tai Pan Club Level, guests are invited to sit at the registration desk to go over their booking; what a lovely way to check-in. Should you arrive before your rooms are ready, like we did, you can enjoy the Tai Pan Club Level lounge’s complimentary drinks and cocktails as well as snacks. After a 9-hour drive this was a lovely way to set the tone for our holiday. Once our room was ready, our hostess walked us up to our room. The Tai Pan Club Level is located on the top two floors of the Mandarin Oriental (the eighth and ninth floors) but they have a staircase located in the lounge for guest staying on the ninth floor so we didn’t have to wait for the elevators.

Mandarin Oriental Tai Pan Club Level Rooms
Like the standard rooms offered in the hotel, the Tai Pan Club Level rooms are designed with an oriental flare but their location on the top two floors of the hotel affords them spectacular views of some of the city’s monuments or the Potomac Tidal Basin. Our own rooms offered a wonderful view of the Jefferson Monument. Once in your room you’ll also enjoy a larger flat screen television (32in) in your main room plus the addition of a smaller flat screen television (15in) in your bathroom. The bathroom television is located on a swivel arm, making it easy to move around to view the news while in the shower or late night programming while enjoying the deep soaker tub. The kids loved the television when it came to bath time each night.


Adjoining rooms offer many benefits for families and can also be booked on the Tai Pan Club Level plus club level guests also enjoy complimentary wifi in their room (and there is wifi in the Tai Pan Club Level lounge too).

It’s small things that really make a difference with your stay on the Tai Pan Club Level. The turndown service prepared our bed for us, adjusted the lighting in our room and turned on the TV to the Mandarin Oriental’s pleasant and peaceful welcoming channel. Plus beside the bed was a glass and a bottle of water waiting for you. What a relaxing way to enter the room and the water was a nice touch.

Mandarin Oriental Tai Pan Club Level Lounge
Along with the more relaxed check-in, the Tai Pan Club Level lounge is open to guests throughout the day. In the morning we enjoyed complimentary continental breakfast, with offerings for everyone: seasoned eggs, sausage, oatmeal, cereal, fresh fruit, cheese, salmon and assorted breads and pastries (my favourite were the miini chocolate croissants). There was also a collection of juices and milk, along with coffee and teas. The lounge staff always ensured the area was tidy, forks were in supply and everything was topped up. And they did it so discreetly too; one minute I was pouring the end of the juice, I turned around and the carafe was full again. The staff was also very accommodating, fixing my 9-year old a hot chocolate when one wasn’t offered in the breakfast area.


Throughout the day guests could pop in to enjoy a drink (soft drinks, juice, domestic beer, wine and cocktails) as well as snacks. The kids enjoyed the cookies and the granola bars; I loved the Terra vegetable chips – my favourite. In the late afternoon, the lounge hosted a cocktail hour for club level guests with oriental themed nibblies like edon noodles, spring rolls and satay beef. There were also bite-sized sweets such as cheesecake and crème brulee, along with assorted cheese (good cheese).

I loved visiting the Tai Pan Club Level lounge after walking around the city. It was nice to sit and enjoy the view of the city with a lovely glass of wine; it was actually my favourite time of the day, unwinding before heading up to our room. The kids loved heading down to the lounge to grab a nice big freshly baked bedtime cookie.


The Tai Pan Club Level lounge was like having your own private club. It was usually wasn’t that busy (breakfast being the exception) so it was a nice quiet place to escape. The lounge also has a small private terrace should you wish to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Mandarin Oriental Tai Pan Club Level Service
When staying at the Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C. you know you will receive superb treatment from everyone you encounter; the staff of the Tai Pan Club Level are an extension of this fantastic service. Even though our stay was short, we became very familiar with the staff and when they were on duty, just as they became very familiar with us. It was nice to be greeted by your name as you entered the lounge or ordered a drink.

One afternoon my daughter wasn’t feeling well. The next day the staff asked after her, making sure she was okay. This isn’t something you would expect from most hotel stays.

The staff at the reception desk in the Tai Pan Club level lounge were very helpful, offering restaurant suggestions, making reservations, handling room checkout, valet parking pick-up and bell services, all while we enjoyed the calming atmosphere in the lounge. Our departure from the Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C. ended smoothly and as stress-free as our arrival.

If you’re looking for a hotel experience without worry, stress and attention to detail, the Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C., Tai Pan Club Level will deliver.

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