13 Simple Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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No need to panic we have some great last minute Halloween costumes for kids that are super easy to pull together and your kids will love. Just wait and see! 

To make these Halloween costumes you will be surprised that most of what you need to pull them off is already in your home or can be borrowed from a neighbor. 

Check out our list of easy last minute Halloween Costumes!

 13 Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Scarecrows for Halloween are meant to be cute, not scary.  This last minute Halloween costumes can be gender-neutral as well as for any age kid or adult. 

Just find a plaid button-down shirt you have buried in a drawer or hanging in a closet. Then pair it with jeans, bandana, and some boots. Don’t forget a floppy straw hat.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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To add more of the scarecrow effect draw straight lines around the mouth. If you choose to do makeup on the face then do not forget to color the nose black to complete the Scarecrow look. 


This will be a simple last minute Halloween costume for a girl who is already in dance. 

Using their actual leotard and tutu they wear to dance each week will be perfect to pull off the ballerina costume. You can even use last year’s recital costume.  

Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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Be sure to put their hair in a high bun add some tights and let them wear a pair of ballerina flats and they are ready for a night of trick or treating. 


This is a classic costume that does not take a lot of time or items in order to throw together. It works perfectly when you need a quick costume.

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For this simple costume, all you will need to buy a witch hat or omit this part of the costume. Find a solid black dress in the back of the closet. Add some dark red or purple lipstick and some colorful stockings or socks

Black Cat

Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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We all love an adorable cat. Luckily, this Halloween costume requires things you already have around the house. You will impress your kids with how quickly you can throw this costume together. With just an all-black outfit, black face paint or black eyeliner, and a headband with cat ears you now have a cute black cat costume!  


This is such an easy costume to make, especially when in a pinch. A mummy is the perfect costume if your child is into the spookiness of Halloween. All you will need for this is a white bed sheet or white fabric works well too. 

Take your white sheet or fabric and start cutting it into long strips. Once they are cut you can just simply tie them one by one around your child, attaching the end of one strip to the beginning of another until you have yourself a walking mummy. Add some white face paint for the finishing touch!


To make a ghost costume you can use an old white sheet or left over white fabric. Cut a hole in the center of the white sheet big enough for your child’s head to fit through it. Once you have the head hole cut you will need to cut the bottom so they do not trip over it.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Make the cuts uneven giving it a spookier appeal. Take a black sharpie and draw two huge eyes and a circle mouth. If you are into dying hair you can use white hair spray paint to turn it white or baby powder.

Little Old Lady/Old Man

This one is very simple. Gather up some pieces of clothing that resembles grandparents. You can use bathrobes, jeans, or long dresses. Then you can take a pillow and stuff their clothes to add a little belly to them.

If you are making a little old lady you can pull their hair up in a high tight bun. To put the finishing touch on your little old lady or little old man sprinkle their hair with baby powder. 

Once you have added the baby powder let them go look in a mirror and they will be amazed at their costume.


Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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I am sure you have some superhero capes at the bottom of your toy chest. After searching and you weren’t able to find one you can take a long towel and draw a superhero symbol on it. Now you just need to tie it around their necks and let them be the next neighborhood superhero.

Favorite Book Character

Think about their favorite book character and you just might be surprised how easy it is to use their own clothes, toys, and craft supplies at home to make their favorite character come alive and be the next Halloween costume hit.

Candy Rapper

This would be perfect for an older child. Take a white shirt and tape some candy to it. Let them wear some big chain necklaces and a fancy top hat or baseball cap backward and be pretty cool in their punny last minute Halloween costume you made in no time.


With a T-shirt, tulle fabric, or a leftover tutu from dance you can make a super cute princess costume.  Also put all those princess dress-up outfits to great use and let them pick one from the dress-up bin.

Sports Player

This could go for any sports player really. Think of all the sports equipment and professional jersey’s you have bought over the last few years. 

Pull them out and let them become your child’s next Halloween costume.

Who knew that things you already have bought and have at your house could be bailing you out of running around town searching for last minute Halloween costumes for kids?

Heresy Kiss

This will be the sweetest thing anyone has ever seen out trick or treating. 

All you need is a white t-shirt and some aluminum foil, white construction paper, and a blue marker. Make your tin foil into a hat that resembles the top of a hershey kiss. Secure the white construction paper in the hat with Heresy written in blue. 

Just like that you are done with a super easy and fast Halloween costume!  

Share in the comments with me your favorite last minute Halloween costumes you have made for your children?

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