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When vacationing with your family in Orlando, there are many accommodation options but All Star Vacation Homes offer an alternative. Set-up your home base and enjoy these 7 benefits of having a home away from home.

More Space. We love vacationing as a family but sometimes everyone loves a little space. Our All Star Vacation Home not only gave everyone their own room (there were six bedrooms in our home), we also had plenty of bathrooms. There was no waiting for the shower first thing in the morning on our vacation. Plus we had a living room, family room, dining room and even a game room. All Star Vacation Homes offers so many different accommodation options that you can choose based on your family’s vacation needs.

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Quick Bite. A night out for dinner when on vacation can be a great treat but it can get rather expensive if you do it every day for every meal. Our All Star Vacation Homes included a full kitchen. A trip to the grocery store when we arrived enabled us to stock-up on supplies. This meant quick breakfasts before heading out, casual dinners when we arrived home (there was even a barbecue in our backyard) and even late night snacks for beside the pool.

familytravel allstarhomes kitchen

Easy Parking. No need to traipse across a large resort parking lot when staying at an All Star Vacation Home. We could park in our very own driveway. It was a mere five steps from our van to our home’s front door. This was really appreciated after a long and busy day exploring Orlando.

Less Packing. It’s not unusual for us to plan a week to two weeks in Orlando, which usually means a lot of packing. Even if a resort offers onsite laundry facilities I’m not a fan of dragging my dirty clothes down to a public laundry facility. All Star Vacation Homes offer onsite laundry facilities. This meant I could pack fewer clothes knowing I could toss them in the washer and dryer during our vacation.

familytravel allstarhomes laundry

Quiet Environment. The many attractions we spent our days visiting were usually full of hustle and bustle. By the time we were ready to call it a day I wasn’t in the mood for more crowds. Our Star Vacation Home was located in quiet suburban neighbourhoods. There were no crowds to wade through or noisy areas to avoid. Heading home was peaceful and a perfect way to unwind in preparation for another busy day.

Evening Swim. Pools are an important vacation feature for my kids. Whenever we plan a place to stay when away, the hotel or resort has to have a pool onsite. All Star Vacation Homes does one better by offering homes with private backyard pools. This meant no worries about pool hours, getting from your room to the pool, or sharing a busy pool with other guests. Our backyard night swims became a ritual for my family. No matter how tired we were from being on our feet all day, the pool uplifted everyone’s spirits. The kids loved the hot tub feature and that the pool lit up at night. The enclosed backyard offered plenty of seating for those not floating in the pool.

familytravel allstarhomes backyardpool

familytravel allstarhomes nightswim1

Customer Service. From touching base with me prior to my arrival to easy check-in, starting our vacation was easier than expected with All Star Vacation Homes. There was no check-in line and paperwork was all ready. Checking out was a simple phone call and we didn’t have to strip the beds, wash dishes or anything during our departure. It was pretty stress free which is how a vacation should be.

Our All Star Vacation Home was a great home base. It offered the comfort and convenience of home but with the ease and convenience of a vacation. Add to that the extra space and cost savings and you have the makings of an ideal family vacation.

Sharing is Caring!

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