Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort, Florida – Kid’s Club

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The warm sun and sandy beaches in Clearwater Florida are a welcoming escape from the chilly weather of home. You could probably live all day on the beach, soaking up the sun (and a cocktail) but your kids may not be as content. The Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort has the perfect solution: The Kid’s Club.

Kid’s Club Camp

The Kid’s Club offers 3 hours of kid-friendly ‘funology’ (if I can use the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort’s word). Kids age 4 to 12 will be kept active with games, crafts, and other fun activities plus they get to hang out with other kids (and even though they love you mom and dad, you know they want to play with other kids). The Kid’s Club runs daily from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and includes lunch as well as a special gift according to their brochure.

This means you can drop them off and enjoy a quiet morning at the beach, try your hand at parasailing or maybe just visit the shops around Clearwater The morning is free for you to enjoy knowing your kids are having a great time.

The Kid’s Club works around your vacation needs. Hang out with the family on Monday, do some sight seeing together on Tuesday, drop the kids off to the Kid’s Club on Wednesday. You can take advantage of the Kid’s Club when you want to (or when the kid’s just need to be kept busy).

Kid’s Club Kid’s Zone Activities

Even if you decide not to take advantage of the Kid’s Club, there are many daily activities planned for kids in the Kids Zone. You’ll find activities that are free to guests, like arts and crafts and hula-hoop contests, as well as crafts kids can do for a small material fee.

hilton_clearwater_beach_resort_kids_club_paintingWhen we visited, my two girls scoured the Kid’s Club Kid’s Zone activity calendar, planning their day and determining what activities they wanted to participate in. They loved painting sand dollars and making pictures frames but their favourite was the seashell night light craft. They use their night lights at home still.

The Kid’s Club Kid’s Zone activities are about a half-hour in length and you can just drop in to participate; no sign-up requried. The Kid’s Club Kid’s Zone is right by the Beach Club and beach as well as the pool. We would plan a morning swim and then drop into the craft area then back for a swim. For the small fee my girls had a great time being creative plus now they have personalized souvenirs that reminds them of their Clearwater Beach experience.

hilton_clearwater_beach_resort_kids_club_zoneKid’s Club Kid’s Night Out

If you happen to have your holidays running over a Friday or Saturday, you’ll want to check out the Kid’s Club Night Out. It’s just that, a special event planned just for kids. For 2011 the Friday night activity is a Pirate Cruise and the Saturday night activity is a trip to the Clearwater Aquarium.

When we started our Florida road trip, our first stop was the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum so I’m sure you can guess what activity my kids wanted to do: the Pirate Cruise. The Pirate Cruise is actually run by Captain Memo but the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort organizes a night to take kids staying at the hotel. The boat is a short walk away and the crew of kids walks over with and is supervised at all times by the Kid’s Club co-coordinator. The boat is pretty amazing and the kids had a great time. There was face painting (tattoos and scars), pirate hats, gold coins, pirate games, and water fights, all while sailing around the harbour. At the end each child received an official pirate certificate. The cruise is available to kids 5 to 12 and runs from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m.  Drinks are included but there is a snack bar on board should your child get hungry (for a fee).

hilton_clearwater_beach_resort_kids_club_pirate_cruiseThe Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort’s Kid’s Club and activities enabled us to enjoy family time together on our holiday with a splash of fun when the kids started to get antsy. You can’t ask for better than that.

Thanks to the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort for letting us experience the Kid’s Club activities.

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