Hershey Christmas Sweet Lights Display

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Christmas is the season of lights. Neighbourhoods dress up their homes and properties with colourful lights to the delight of those who drive by. We love walking around our neighbourhood and admiring these festive displays that you only get to see during this time of year. Hershey’s Sweet Lights is like that neighoubrhood light experience, times ten.

Located just north of Hersheypark Christmas Candylane, in what feels like an isolated area, you are invited to drive along a designated road past some spectacular light and animated displays, about 2 miles worth. If the displays aren’t enough to keep the kids entertained, they are invited to count the number of Rudolph the Reindeers they see throughout the whole Sweet Lights experience. My kids started to do this but quickly became distracted by the different lights surrounding our car as we started our drive.

Signs along the route instruct people not to stop but don’t expect to race through. The pace is really slow, perfect for admiring the lights. At first I was a little disappointed when we started our drive around a big field, traveling in two lanes of cars. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great displays like the 12 Days of Christmas and the lit up archway we drove under.

The best part of the whole experience is when the path we were following went into the woods, winding up and around a hill, displays scattered throughout. It’s amazing how being surrounded by large trees can change the whole experience. We almost forgot we were driving through with other cars. I would recommend turning your headlights off to enjoy the experience more. We did and the drivers behind us followed suit.

hershey christmas sweet lights4

Here’s a video of the Sweet Light experience that the folks at Hershey Entertainment:

The cost to experience Sweet Lights is per vehicle (holding up to eight) and guests at one of Hershey’s accommodations receive a discount rate. Be sure to load up on hot chocolate, pack a few Christmas cookies and switch the radio to some holiday songs as you drive through.

hershey christmas sweet lights2

Thanks to the folks at Hershey Public Relations for giving us the opportunity to experience Sweet Lights. Video and header image courtesy of Hershey Public Relations.

Sharing is Caring!

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