Gaylord Palms Offers Theme Park Pedicure

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If a trip to Disney World, Universal Studios, or any of Florida’s many theme park attractions will be part of your next family vacation, then you know to expect sore feet.The Relâche Spa and Salon in Gaylord Palms has just the cure.

Located just outside the gates of Walt Disney World, Gaylord Palms offers guests a magical retreat from the crowds, rides, and countless hours on your feet. From the moment you first walk through the doors of The Gaylord Palms’ Relâche Spa and Salon, the décor, mimicking Florida’s azure oceans and captivating coastlines, will carry you on a journey towards complete relaxation.

Now guests can recover from a day at the park with thei spa’s new Theme Park Pedicure. Relax in an oversized pedicure chair complete with multiple massage settngs and heat capabilities. The warm water will soothe your achy legs, the exfoliation will soften your skin and the scrubbing will give new life to your feet! At the end, add some colour with your choice of polish. The Theme Park Pedicure will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for another day at the parks. While you’re enjoying your spa moment, the rest of the family can enjoy the many other free activities Gaylord Palms offers guests. Pedicures for your little princess are also available.

The Theme Park Pedicure is $85 US, exclusive of service charge. For spa services and further information, please call 407-586-2552 or visit www.gaylordpalms.com/spa.

Image: Gaylord Palms

Sharing is Caring!

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