For Summer Vacation I Was a Minion

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With a comical bad guy, evil plans, and fart jokes, Dispicable Me is high on our favourite animated movie list. The movie is full of great characters but I think many would agree that the minions are the favourite. On a visit to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, my family had a chance to become a minion.

I’m referring to the theme parks new 3D Simulation ride, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Walking through Grim’s house you’ll encounter family touches, like artwork by the girls done in crayon on the wall and some crazy sculptures. Next you’re led into Grim’s laboratory to be transformed into minions using experimental technology. Within the anteroom, Grim looks down on the group, like we are test subjects.

despicable me Minion Univeral Orlando interior

The same irreverent humour you witness from Grim and the Minions is prevalent within this set-up too, making it a fun moment. When moved into the next room, you sit within a car that seats four per row, then the experience begins.

despicable me Minion glasses Universal Orlando

After being ‘transformed” into Minions we are sent through a training program with other Minions. The 3D simulator has us avoiding flying objects, dashing by hammers and other comical tests. Some of the other minions don’t pass which adds a level of humour beyond the rides experience. Then something goes wrong and we end up in a restricted area full of dangerous tools and explosives. We’re shot into the sky, dropped down a tube and even flown through explosions. As a simulator, the car you sit in dos move around with jerks and leans. For smaller kids or those not comfortable with maneuvers, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem offers a row of stationary seating.

In the end, everyone is saved and our transformation is short lived. To Grim’s disappointment we’re all changed back into humans again.. As you leave the ride, the Minions celebrate with a little disco dance party. The outside room has disco lights and cameras so you can see your dance moves. There are also rider workers and a minion costumed character there to encourage those leaving the ride to party it up. Kids will love this.

despicable me minion Universal Orlando Exterior

I’m not a huge fan of simulation rides but the movement within the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem wasn’t too aggressive and the humour you expect in the movie is relevant throughout the ride, making it great fun. This is probably the closest you’ll come to being part of Despicable Me and my kids loved it (as did I).

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Sharing is Caring!

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