Sharing is Caring!

Planning a family trip when your family consists of older kids or more than four people can make accommodations difficult, especially when most hotel rooms are designed for families of four. If you just need an extra bed, some hotels offer pullout sofas or can accommodate a roll-in bed, for a small fee.
However, if you are looking for a little extra space, adjoining rooms can offer accommodation solutions for some families as well as other advantages:

More Beds. Instead of trying to cram all your family into two beds, especially if you have a squirmer or big kids, adjoining rooms offer double the sleeping capacity, enabling the whole family to get a good night sleep in their own bed. I like the added benefit of being able to get double beds for the kids and a king bed for us (a nice hotel treat).

More Televisions. Along with more beds, adjoining rooms give you more facilities like televisions. This means you don’t have to spend your vacation watching cartoons or listening to the kids complain when you are watching the weather channel.

More Bathrooms. Whether you are traveling with young kids who need to go to the bathroom right now or preteens who seem to live in the bathroom, adjoining rooms gives you the benefit of having two bathrooms. This can make the morning and evening routine easier when you divide and conquer with your partner and kids.

More Space. You may not be planning on spending a lot of time in your room but you will be getting ready in the morning and unwinding in the evening. That’s a lot of people trying to get dressed or find a place to sit. Adjoining rooms give you more space and a feeling like you’re not right on top of each other; ideal when you’re on vacation and trying to enjoy yourself.

More Separation. Yes, you are on a vacation with your family, spending time together at the beach or museum, but sometimes everyone needs a little time to decompress. The kids will enjoy their own space to bounce on the beds, watch cartoons on their television or just have a quiet nap. Parents can enjoy the quiet time, catching a program on television, reading a book or maybe staying up after the kids have gone to bed. We love hanging out with our kids and enjoying family vacation time but we also like having a little time together on our own, without worrying about whispering or keeping the kids awake.

Adjoining rooms give you quick access to each other whenever you want; you can keep on ear or eye on everyone. Although each room has its own door from the hall, we pretend we’re in a suite, locking the door in the kid’s room and using the door in our room as the only access for everyone.

The other benefit of adjoining rooms is their cost. Although they are more expensive than a single room, they are usually less expensive than a hotel suite and adjoining rooms offer you more of what you’ll need as a family. Plus, some hotels will offer a discount on the second room if it’s being used for the kids (depending on the travel season). It never hurts to ask.

Sharing is Caring!