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With events like Hurricane Matthew in the US and the flooding in Sydney, Nova Scotia, extreme weather is top of mind for many families. The new Wild Weather at the Ontario Science Centre helps to put a little science and knowledge behind the scary.

The Wild Weather space takes you on a knowledge journey with interactive exhibits divided into 8 sections. Some of our favourite activities include:

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Zone 2: Tornadoes

The first thing we were drawn to was the tornadoes like sculpture just inside of the exhibit’s entrance. On a side panel you can send items like a car or a cow into the tornado. Snap a photo of yourself and catch yourself spinning up the tornado, crossing the various display screens on the sculpture as you spin to the top. Using tablets, you can explore the devastation various storm classifications can have on a town. Choose the storm degree and move your tablet over the town to see the impact and damage that has been caused.

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Zone 4: Experience Weather

Use your energy to change the weather. In this dance cave, jump, twirl, move about to change the weather on the screen projected in front of you. You’ll also change the feeling in the room as the lights change based on the seasonal change and even mist or smoke made an appearance.

family-travel-science-centre-wild-weather-dancing image

Zone 5: Severe Winter Storms (Cabin)

This cabin cut-out reminds you to be prepared for the worst. Open closets and kitchen cabinets to check what supplies you should always have on hand and tips for emergency preparedness. Play with the snowflake size and wind speed to adjust the snow falling out your window or crawl through a tunnel of snow as high as your front door. Even play the role of local forecaster on a split screen TV broadcast.

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These are just a few of the great hands-on experiences families will enjoy while understanding the impact climate change can have on our weather. Discover how certain conditions can cause the damage they do and some ways to be prepared for the worst.

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Beyond the exhibit itself, the Ontario Science Centre engages guests in a number of weather related activities like:

  • Weather Wednesday (November to December) where visitors can make their own weather measuring tools such as a barometer or weather vane. Even learn how you can use common household products to make your own twister.
  • Celestial Storms: A New Planetarium Experience (daily starting November 1) enables to you explore the power of hurricanes, cyclones and wild weather conditions within our solar system.
  • Talk to Weather Experts (select dates in November and December) such as meteorologist and forecasting our weather to storm chasers who have been in the middle of some of the wildest weather conditions.

The exhibit runs until January 7, 2017 making it a perfect activity for families looking to get indoors to understand the outdoors. Visit the Ontario Science Centre’s calendar of events to find details on special guests and activities during the Wild Weather exhibit.

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