Family Travel Benefits and Tips to Choosing All-Inclusive

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Sometimes choosing the right type of getaway to meet the needs of everyone in your family can be a challenge. All-inclusive vacations may offer a solution but since I haven’t been on many of these types of trips I asked those who have experience to share the benefits as well as some tips when considering an all-inclusive vacation with your family.

Before heading out on a getaway, fellow travel bloggers Corinne from Have Baby Will Travel; Amber from Global Munchkins; Kara, Beth, and Jennifer from The Vacation Gals; Alicia from Making Time for Mommy; Lesli 365 Atlanta Family; and Rachael from Nothing if Not Intentional shared some great reasons families should consider all-inclusive. I followed their suggestions and share them in the video below:

In addition to these benefits, here are a few things to remember when considering an all-inclusive getaway:

Tailored to You and Your Family’s Needs
All-inclusive doesn’t have to mean “all the same”. Find a resort that’s going to address your family’s interest and needs. Transat makes the decision making a little easier for families by grouping resorts by a family’s needs whether traveling with an infant, teenagers or grandparents.

“The carefully crafted Famili collection designed to meet the needs of all families, weather they are traveling with babies, young children, teenagers or grandparents, Transat offers vacation experiences that are both prepackaged and personalized. Everything is taken care of, but you still get the feeling that this memorable vacation was tailor-made just for you and your loved ones,” Debbie Cabana, Marketing Director, Social Media and Public Relations Transat

Activities Kids Really Want to Do

Get the kids involved with your resort choices. Will the activities being offered get your kids excited? From scavenger hunts on the beach, surf simulators, trapeze and trampoline fun, more resorts are working with brands and personalities that kids and teens want to connect with for a once in a lifetime experiences.

“Best-in-brand partnerships with Sesame Street, Xbox One and Scratch DJ Academy ensure that children of all ages are entertained,” Maureen Barnes-Smith, Beaches Resorts.

Your Family’s Health and Well Being in Mind

We’ve heard the health benefits around taking vacation. All-inclusive resorts offer a balance of indulging and restoring oneself. You’ll see this in menu choices as well as complimentary activities around yoga, meditation or strolls on the beach as a family.

“Windjammer Landing’s family-friendly attitude extends to health and wellness with oceanfront stretch classes as well as “The Petite Spa Experience” at The Spa at Windjammer Landing,” Leigh-Mary Hoffmann, Windjammer Villa Beach Resort.

No Need to Bring Extra Gear

Packing up the family for a week away can take a lot of planning and organizing but infants, toddlers and preschoolers bring with them a whole set of unique requirements. What facilities and equipment is offers to guests at your resort that you can leave behind when packing?

“At these [Karisma Hotels & Resorts] properties, cribs, bottle warmers, sterilizers, baby baths, changers, strollers, bath robes, baby sleepers, baby monitors, high chairs and pack n’ plays are included in your stay. Additionally, Gerber baby food is available in all restaurants and from room service,” Dina Rosenberg, Karisma Hotels & Resorts.

All-Inclusive Means All-Inclusive

Don’t assume all-inclusive means the same thing for all resorts. Will you have to pay for kid camps or are they covered? Meals are included but are extra trips to the ice-cream parlour? What about tipping and transportation?

“At Beaches Resorts, everything is all included, all unlimited, all the time.  You can leave your wallet at home because even tipping is included.  There are no restrictions on a thing.  You could dine at the same restaurant every single night during your vacation if you wanted to.  There are no hidden fees for activities such as water sports or Kids Camps,” Maureen Barnes-Smith, Beaches Resorts.

Sara from Mom Endevours shares her reasons for staying at Beaches Turks and Caicos and one happens to be Beaches partnership with Sesame Street.

Family Sized Rooms for Family Sized Vacations

While many families fit within the 2 adults, 2 kids make-up, more families are looking for a little more room when traveling. Perhaps you’re planning a multi-generational or multi-family trip, have a large family (a scenario I’m often caught in with my group of five) or just need a little separation from the teens. A number of all-inclusive resorts are offering families more flexible accommodations.

“Several of our resorts offer rooms with family options with separated spaces for parents and children within the same room, such as Cancun Yucatan with new Aguamarina rooms, family rooms in Sandpiper Bay in Florida or Ixtapa Pacific in Mexico or at Punta Cana in our Family Suites at the 5-Trident space (the equivalent of 5 stars Suites). We have also family Suites at our Ixtapa Pacific resort. This allows to the family to book only one room, rather than booking 2 separate rooms., Julien Laurent, Club Med.

On or off the Beaten Track

It may seem that most all-inclusive destinations are clustered in high touristy locations but there are options available for families off the beaten path.

“If you’re up for an adventure, how about picking a lesser known destination. This doesn’t mean sacrificing the great holiday experience, in fact it might make it all the better as you won’t have to compete with the huge number of other tourists for those bright sun rays!” Lindsay from Carpe Diem Our way. “This is a chance to save on your holiday costs, and you won’t regret exploring somewhere a little different.” – Tips to Consider When You Book an All Inclusive Holiday

Sometimes Kids Get Sick

No one likes to be under the weather when traveling but even more so when you’re in a foreign country. Understanding what options you have available to you will help reassure you and hopefully it will be a service you don’t have to use.

“I learned that a qualified physician is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. And while those services would not be included in our stay, the fact that we had quick access to a doctor made me feel good. And having spoken to CEO Adam Stewart about the qualifications that he demands of his staff, I have no doubt the physicians on call are ones he would rely on to treat his own children (who were visiting Beaches while we were there),” Debra from Finding Debra – The Number One Reason I’ll be Heading Back.

Staying Socially Connected

Are you looking to disconnect and delve completely into your vacation or do you want to stay connected work work, family, your social channels? Is WIFI included in your fee and if so, is it only available in certain locations?

“It is important you do your research before you book a trip so you are not surprised when you arrive,” Dana from Dana Freeman Travels. “Wi-Fi – It is free in the lobby [Marival Resorts & Suites], but you will need to pay extra to get it in your room.” – All Inclusive Resorts: Are They Right for You?

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Have you enjoyed all-inclusive vacations with your family? What did you like most? What would entice you to try this time of holiday?

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to include your kids when choosing a resort for your vacation. My husband and I want to go on a trip with our kids this summer, and we want to make sure we do something everyone will enjoy. I think a resort would be something all of us would like, and I’ll make sure to include my children in choosing which one so they get some say over what we do.


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