An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

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If you are looking for an enchanted adventure filled with Magiquest wands look to Niagara Fall’s Great Wolf Lodge.

There you will enter a MagiQuest adventure of a lifetime with your magiquest wands.

Our family loves a little fantasy and mystery. Add the fact that my kids get to use magiquest wands and they were instantly intrigued.  This new interactive adventure is available at Great Wolf Lodge.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Before our adventure could begin we got outfitted with the proper Magi gear from the MagiQuest Marketplace. This is where you pick out our magiquest wands.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Magiquest Wands

We picked up a classic wood (brown) magiquest wands.  You can choose from a variety of colorful wands and even a dragon wand.

Mission seekers can customize their magiquest wands with extravagant toppers like unicorns, gems, and dragons. Of course, all custom options do cost extra.

These magical toppers do have extra powers to aid you on your missions but not having them doesn’t interfere with game play.

We stuck with our classic magiquest wands knowing we can buy toppers on future visits.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Image: MagiQuest

With magiquest wands in hand the kids registered to play MagiQuest. This is an additional fee on top of purchasing the wand. 
This fee enables the mission seekers to play MagiQuest as many times as they want during your stay.
At this point, magic seekers are given a magical name. The magiquest wand is activated and it is time to start the mission! 
An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Starting our Magiquest Adventure

The guide at the MagiQuest Marketplace does a great job instructing the kids on how to play MAgiquest. Not only that, but the mission books are full of great clues.

At the three stones we met a wizard, who invited the kids to choose a mission.

When you begin you can choose any mission. The guide suggests you go in order to make solving the quests easier.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Our first mission sent the kids to find the elements they needed. MagiQuest is a magical scavenger hunt kids love.

You’re given a mission and you follow the clues to discover all of the elements you need in your task.

Magiquest helps wear out the kids

If your kids weren’t tired out by their time in the waterpark, MagiQuest will draw out their last bit of energy as they search different floors of the hotel trying to solve their mission.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Each of the hallways is decorated with paintings, treasure chests, crystals and magical books, all hiding elements needed for various missions.

Take the stairs for more clues

I especially loved the message on the elevator doors instructing Magis to take the stairs for additional secrets. This helps keep the elevators free for guests returning to their rooms.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge
An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

When you think you have found an item you need to complete your mission you simply wave your wand and you’ll be rewarded with a message from the mystical being that holds the item.

Not sure what items are left on your list?

Consult one of the many status screens to see how close you are to mission completion. You can even see a highlight of top scores on the Lodge’s internal television system in public areas of the hotel.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

Magiquest Workout

My kids loved deciphering the clues and interacting with the various elements in the magical hallways and boy did we get a workout.

Each item had to be collected in order and of course no two items were in the same area. We were in one hallway on the third floor, then over to the concourse area on the fourth floor, then back to the third floor but a different hallway, always taking the stairs up and down.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

There was no stopping after one mission especially since the MagiQuest exhibits are active until 11:00 p.m. at night.

Of course, the kids were exhausted well before this spending most of the day in the indoor waterpark.

The best thing about Magiquest is the kids got to bring their magiquest wands home as a great keepsake. But not only that, next time we go to Great Wolf Lodge all we have to do is take our wands, pay a small fee and get the magiwands reactivated for another Magiquest adventure.

No matter what Great Wolf Lodge hotel your wands are from, they will work at all Great Wolf Lodge Hotels.

An Enchanted Adventure at Great Wolf Lodge

How to Save Money on Magiquest

Buying wands and game play for larger families can add up but you could play as a family.

Buy one wand and game play and the kids can take turns finding elements on a mission or each child can choose their own mission while the others look on or do something else at the Lodge.

Ultimately MagiQuest is a great form of entertainment that we found more engaging than a game in the arcade and perfect for when the kids want a break from the pool or you’re waiting for your table to be ready at dinner.

My kids are counting down the days for when we get to return to Niagara Fall’s Great Wolf Lodge and start another Magiquest adventure.

Thanks to the folks at Great Wolf Lodge for the chance to experience MagiQuest.

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