Disney’s Kim Possible Adventure at Epcot

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A visit to Epcot at Disney World is a must if you want to travel around the world in just one day. Each country’s pavilion transports you to their homeland by recreating the architecture, displaying artifacts, demonstrating cultural traditions and of course there’s the food. kim_possible_disney_epcot_logoThe food is one of the reasons I love visiting Epcot.

You will find a few rides at Epcot, like our family favourite Test Track, but if you’re travelling with kids Epcot may be a hard sell, especially when it has to compete with the ride-filled fantasy at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. But if your child is looking for a mission, then Epcot is the place to go.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure will take your kids on a voyage of discovery through one of the countries in the World Showcase. Prior to entering the World Showcase at Epcot (which doesn’t open until the afternoon), visit the Team Possible Recruitment centers. There you’ll be given a mission time and location.

Our family broke-up into two teams – boys versus the girls – and headed off to our mission station. There are a few mission stations in the World Showcase and you’ll be directed to report to the station closest to your mission (the girls were going to Germany and the boys were off to Japan).

Each agent is given a Kimmunicator (a pretend cellphone) and after a few directions we’re off to visit Germany. The Kimmunicator uses a combination of sound, animation, and reading, making it feel like you’re really participating in something live. The Kimmunicator has a help feature too if kids get stuck (giving them hints or repeating instructions).

My daughter completely got into her mission. We found ourselves exploring parts of Germany we had never seen before. My daughter was given clues on her Kimmunicator to visit a certain place and look for specific objects. The phone would trigger hidden features in the displays, which was great fun (like singing beer steins or moving trains) and sometimes clues would be given which had to be entered into the phone in order to get your next message. It really was an interactive experience.

Our mission took us about an hour to complete. Kids of any age can participate in the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure but younger kids might get bored quickly and you could end up with a frustrated toddler on your hands. You can always return your Kimmunicator to one of the mission stations should you discover your child has no interest in completing their missions. Our kids were just the opposite, wanting a second mission after they completed their first one. There are seven different missions you can go on, exploring different pavilions throughout the World Showcase. I must admit, even as an adult I had fun; it was a lot like a scavenger hunt but we didn’t have to collect anything.

You can get a quick glimpse of my daughter’s mission experience from the video below:

The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is definitely an adventure we’ll be doing on our next trip. A visit to Epcot just jumped up a notch in our kid approval status.

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Sharing is Caring!