Disney Gets Social: Let The Memories Begin

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I just got backfrom NYC where Walt Disney Parks and Resorts held a live press conference announcing a new campaign, “Let The Memories Begin”. And your memories are at the centre of this new initiative.


Disney has launched a new User Generated Content (UGC) social media website to showcase your Disney memories. At DisneyParks.com/Memories, you can upload your photos, videos and stories to share with the Disney community. Disney will feature some of the uploaded guest content in their commercials and other marketing materials.

So you are the star. Disney is creating authentic, real life experiences to share the Disney story through their various media channels. Nothing captures that feeling of joy like video of real kids (and adults) experiencing it first hand. Seeing the excitement on the faces of kids being surprised by a trip, the awe when they meet Cinderella for the first time, that’s Disney magic.

Take a peek at one of their ads. (Get a tissue…)


You know social media has hit mainstream when Disney jumps on board. Through this campaign, not only has Disney created a UGC marketing campaign, but they have created a park attraction through social media. Guest images will be projected onto Cinderella Castle at Disney World in Florida and the It’s a Small World attraction at Disneyland in California.

Orlando Attractions has shared a video as to what this attraction might look like:

In a new world where Everything Media is becoming social, Disney has hit the mark bang on by adding real people with real emotions to their storyline.

Kudos, Disney!

IMAGE:  MICHAEL’S MEMORIES: Emmy Award-winning actor and best-selling author Michael J. Fox poses for a souvenir photo with Minnie Mouse Sept. 23, 2010 inside a “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” attraction vehicle at “Espace” in New York City during the launch of Disney Parks’ “Let the Memories Begin” campaign.

Sharing is Caring!

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